Archived Webcast: Customer Experience – The Next Battlefield: Turning insurance communications into customer experiences that drive revenue

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The way customers interact with businesses is changing so quickly that a gap has opened between the experience consumers expect and what many, more traditional, companies can provide. Customer experience can be described as the overall way customers feel as they engage with you company and brand over time. The experience is a result of how well your interactions with them meet their expectations and fulfill their wants and needs. Usually, if your customers enjoy doing business with you, they’ll continue to do so. If they don’t, they won’t – and it continues to get easier for customers to vote with their wallet against those companies who disappoint them.

This is true for all industries, but when it comes to communicating important—and often complex—information, the power of technology may be even more important for insurers. Advances in customer communications management have taken the discipline to a new level, where vital information can be delivered through an “experience” rather than a “document” paradigm. Customers are increasingly seeking real-time, digital interactions tailored to their personal needs and channel preferences. During this archived one-hour Insurance Innovation Reporter webinar sponsored by HP Exstream and featuring distinguished analyst Karlyn Carnahan of Celent, hear real-world insurer case studies and learn how the industry is embracing the customer experience paradigm for communications, and what best practices are enabling insurers to move speedily into digital communications in a cost-effective and compliant way. This archived webinar covers:

  • Where the industry stands on CX-driven communications—and where it will soon be
  • Why accelerating your company’s CX journey is critical
  • Moving from “one to many” to personalized “one to one” communications

Archived Webcast