CSE Insurance Group Implements OBRIEN Insurance Solutions for Document Strategy

Having begun with a successful two-month project to replace internal print and mail, OBRIEN is now handling the production and distribution of critical CSE policyholder documents from the vendor’s Bartlett facility.

(Shell Ridge Open Space, in Walnut Creek, Calif., home of CSE Insurance Group. Photo credit: Utilizer.)

CSE Insurance Group (Walnut Creek, Calif.) has selected OBRIEN Insurance Solutions (Bartlett, Ill.) as its strategic partner to enable its new document strategy. Implementation began with a successful two-month project resulting in the elimination of CSE’s internal print and mail operation, an OBRIEN statement says.

CSE selected OBRIEN to handle its short-term need for critical policyholder communications based on the vendor’s subject matter expertise and industry experience, but  OBRIEN is now handling the production and distribution of critical CSE policyholder documents from its Bartlett facility, according to the vendor.

“It was refreshing to work with a company like OBRIEN who not only fully understood our needs, but was flexible and willing to work with an organization of our size,” comments Larry Friel, director, Administration and Internal Audit.  “When we looked at outsourcing our print and mail operation in the past, the service provider was either unwilling to modify their services to our needs or they lacked the insurance industry knowledge we felt was needed to provide our customers with the high quality and timely communications they expect and deserve.”

Outsourcing the print and mail function was only the first step in CSE’s document strategy, according to Friel. “Given that OBRIEN provides this service as well as the technology and solutions we will need as we migrate to a more digital production and delivery environment [that] made [OBRIEN] the ideal partner – meeting our needs today and in the future,” he says.

Benefits that CSE expects beyond its original goals of improved customer service and efficiency include the following, according to OBRIEN:

  • Improved business continuity planning with OBRIEN providing a disaster recovery plan in the case of an unforeseen event;
  • Reduced costs for production and delivery of key customer communications ranging from premium billing to policy issuance and other critical communications;
  • A flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model; and
  • Improved operational efficiency for customer communications.



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