CSAA Sees Speed, Low TCO in Exigen Pre-Configured Solution Package

The AAA member company expects this debut implementation of the Exigen Pre-Configured Solution Package offering for CSAA’s property insurance line to reduce product time-to-market and provide a fast upgrade path.

CSAA Insurance Group (a member of the AAA) has received the first Exigen Pre-Configured Solution Package for property insurance. The package comprises a complete rating, underwriting, policy administration and billing solution for property insurance, which a vendor statement characterizes as promising speed-to-market, product agility and lower cost of ownership. Installed onsite, the Solution Package will operate on an existing instance of the Exigen platform at CSAA.

“The Exigen Pre-configured Solution Package is attractive software that gives several upfront advantages and some long-term benefits,” comments Steve O’Connor, CIO, CSAA Insurance Group. “We expect it to reduce the typical time it takes us to introduce individual state property insurance products and we plan to adapt it using in-house resources to meet the needs of the insurance company’s partners.  Also, we anticipate a fast upgrade path for the product with a process we will be able to manage internally.”

The Exigen Pre-configured Solution Package comes with a high degree of pre-configuration of product, processes and interfaces out-of-the-box, the San Francisco-based vendor claims. The key benefit for insurers accorded by the offering is the large reduction in solution customization requirements, which in turn results in rapid and efficient product deployments and solution version upgrades, an Exigen statement asserts.

CSAA Insurance Group provides AAA-branded property lines insurance to more than 17 million AAA members in the 23 states served by the insurance company. CSAA Insurance Group has already implemented and is rolling out auto products for its partner states on the Exigen core system platform.

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