CSAA Partners with Lyft to Give Rides to Claimants During Auto Repair

The insurer’s California pilot offers select policyholders up to $200 in Lyft credits during the claims process when the claimant’s vehicle is unavailable.

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CSAA Insurance Group (Walnut Creek, Calif.) has partnered with rideshare company Lyft to create a pilot program that offers select customers the option to select up to $200 Lyft credits during the claims process following an accident. The offering is designed to ease the inconvenience experienced by claimants while their vehicles are being repaired.

Marik Brockman, VP of Strategy & Innovation, CSAA Insurance Group.

Marik Brockman, VP of Strategy & Innovation, CSAA Insurance Group.

The pilot will apply to California resident policyholders with one- or two-panel accident claims. The CSAA customers will have the option of selecting the Lyft credits while their car is unavailable, or they may choose to rent a car through their CSAA agent. The Lyft credits are valid for 45 days from the time of the claim.

The program was designed to address several objectives, according to Marik Brockman, VP of strategy and innovation, CSAA Insurance Group. It seeks to improve customer experience by offering interested customers an alternative to the traditional rental car option; it positions CSAA as a first mover/early adopter of an emerging option in auto claims; it supports regulatory “green” initiatives underway in various states; and it eliminates the risk contingency of secondary damage to rental vehicles.

Customer Experience Innovation

“We are always exploring innovative opportunities that can improve the customer experience,” comments Brockman. “By partnering with Lyft to offer an environmentally-friendly and popular transportation alternative, we are helping to create ease and convenience for our policyholders.”

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