Crawford Technologies PRO Preference Manager Eases Document Delivery by Customer Preference

The solution provides an easy-to-integrate means to capture customer preferences and respond in a meaningful and granular way independently of an insurer’s CRM system.

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Crawford Technologies (Toronto), provider of document solutions designed to streamline, improve and manage high-value, high-volume documents, has announced the general availability of its newest product, PRO Preference Manager.  The vendor describes PRO Preference Manager as a flexible solution that makes it possible for insurance organizations of all sizes to transform documents into new formats and seamlessly deliver them according to customer preferences via multiple parallel delivery channels.

Ernie Crawford, President and CEO of Crawford Technologies.

Ernie Crawford, President and CEO of Crawford Technologies.

“The need to respond to growing customer preferences, such as product interest, communication channels and frequency of communication, can be a complex challenge for every enterprise,” comments Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies. “We are excited to introduce PRO Preference Manager to the insurance industry as it provides an easy-to-integrate solution for capturing customer preferences and responding to them in a meaningful and granular way independently of a company’s CRM system.”

The vendor identifies key advantages of Crawford’s advanced customer preference management solution include:

  • Increased adoption of e-delivery and multichannel communications;
  • The ability to choose preferences for a variety of different document types;
  • Making accessible communications available and easy for customers to select;
  • Flexible customization via open architecture APIs;
  • Provides customers and customer service reps a simple tool to manage preferences in real time; and
  • Integration with email delivery services, Biller Direct sites and any third-party consolidator.

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