Crawford Technologies Partners with PossibleNOW

PossibleNow’s preference management system now connects with Crawford’s enterprise communications software to enhance control over communication preferences.

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Crawford Technologies (Toronto), a provider of document solutions designed to streamline, improve and manage customer communications, has announced a partnership with PossibleNOW (Duluth, Ga.), a provider of preference and content management software. The partnership gives clients the ability to implement a robust preference management system that connects to Crawford Technologies’ enterprise communications processing (ECP) software. A Crawford statement says the partnership will assist organizations in making a swift transition toward customer-preferred and accessible delivery of customer communications.

Scott Frey, CEO, PossibleNOW.

Crawford introduces the new partnership by noting that many organizations struggle to fulfill customer preferences regarding communication delivery. This occurs, the vendor explains, because they often do not effectively communicate customer preferences between different lines of business, can’t populate customer preferences throughout their applications and business systems or can’t suppress print when electronic delivery is chosen. Within the new partnership, PossibleNOW provides the front-end technology and best practices to collect customer preferences and feeds that preference data to Crawford Technologies’ ECP software to determine how best to process customer communications.

“Combining PossibleNOW’s robust consent and preference management platform with Crawford Technologies’ advanced ECP software ensures a seamless customer experience, along with lower-cost digital delivery across the enterprise,” comments Scott Frey, CEO, PossibleNOW. “By leveraging the synergy between PossibleNOW and Crawford Technologies, organizations can easily integrate customer preferences throughout the customer journey to ensure that the output of digital communications is tailored to recipients’ desires and delivered through their preferred channels.”

Overcoming Challenges of Data Silos and Integration with Legacy Core Systems

Ernie Crawford, President and CEO, Crawford Technologies.

The combined solution of sophisticated preference collection and seamless document delivery makes it possible to overcome the challenges related to data silos and integrating into legacy systems, the Crawford Technologies statement says. As a result, organizations can significantly reduce costs and drive better customer experiences by providing customer-preferred digital and accessible options.

“We are excited to partner with PossibleNOW as it aligns with our mission to make it easy for people to communicate effectively with the organizations with which they do business in a way that is best for them,” comments Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies. “Combining the two platforms offers a holistic approach that can be implemented by any organization seeking to improve their eDelivery rates, reduce reliance on print and mail and provide accessible output that is compliant with all the current laws and regulations.”

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