Crawford Technologies Launches AI-driven Language Translation Solution

Using Crawford Technologies’ ILA, users can speak, spell aloud or type their words and the entire conversation is immediately communicated to the other party in their chosen language.

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Crawford Technologies, a Toronto-based provider of document solutions designed to streamline, improve and manage customer communications, has announced  the general availability of Instant Language Assistant (ILA) as part of its AccessibilityNow platform. AccessibilityNow provides software solutions that offer a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility and inclusion needs of organizations and governments of all levels. Crawford Technologies’ ILA, the company’s latest accessible communication solution, is a dual-screen device that breaks down communication barriers by allowing users to communicate via text, speech, American Sign Language (ASL) and/or braille, all in any language desired.

Ernie Crawford, President and CEO, Crawford Technologies.

Using ILA, users can speak, spell aloud or type their words and the entire conversation is immediately communicated to the other party in their chosen language, using what the vendor asserts to be the most sophisticated language-based AI technology on the market. In addition to being able to instantly translate real-time conversations, ILA provides complete accessibility using external Bluetooth devices such as keyboards, braille displays and hearing aids, according to the vendor.

Additional benefits of Crawford Technologies’ ILA includ the following, as described by the vendor:

  • Speech and captions in more than 120 languages, including ASL and various other sign languages, providing flawless communications with anyone
  • Ability to preload your company’s commonly used phrases, questions and protocols so the conversations are easy and accurate
  • On-demand access to a live human interpreter, including ASL interpretation when needed, providing fast and accurate customer service
  • Customizable settings that tailor ILA to industry and company needs for conversations that are secure and HIPAA compliant, facilitating use in healthcare settings. Privacy is assured since conversations are encrypted and immediately deleted

“As international travel and immigration have grown so widespread, organizations need fast, easy-to-use, accurate language translations to communicate with their customers effectively,” comments Ernie Crawford, president and CEO, Crawford Technologies. “Any organization, including healthcare, airlines, hospitality, insurance, education and government entities, that interacts with a diverse customer base, benefits greatly from being able to communicate in any language in real time. ILA is built with accessibility in mind, providing instantaneous communication that eliminates the frustration and risk associated with miscommunication. It encourages positive interactions with anyone, no matter what method is used to communicate.”

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