Crawford Technologies, Docuvela Partner on Storage and Management of Customer Communications

Crawford benefits from Docuvela’s modern approach to storing data and content that simplifies; Docuvela benefits from integrating to Crawford Technologies’ suite of CCM solutions.

(Image source: Docuvela website.)

Crawford Technologies, a provider of document solutions designed to streamline, improve and manage customer communications, has entered a strategic partnership with Docuvela (Chicago), an emerging provider of cloud-based document management and content services. Crawford Technologies says it has partnered with Docuvela because of the company’s modern approach to storing data and content that simplifies integrations with line of business applications, AI tools and other modern technologies. Docuvela will benefit with the ability to integrate Crawford Technologies’ full suite of customer communications management solutions (CCM) into its current offerings delivered via a comprehensive, innovative cloud-based solution.

Ernie Crawford, President and CEO, Crawford Technologies.

Crawford Technologies describes the partnership is integral to its ongoing commitment to developing innovative technology solutions that address the document management challenges businesses are facing today. “As organizations struggle to maintain control of their on-premise legacy systems and associated costs, having the ability to move data to a secure native cloud-based location, coupled with the ability to optimize and manage documents, allows them to regain ownership of their content and reduce the complexities and cost of managing siloed systems,” a Crawford Technologies statement says.

Highly Scalable Solution

“Many organizations have multiple systems for storing data such as contracts, policies and more. This creates inefficiencies and significant fees associated with licensing and maintaining these systems,” comments Ernie Crawford, president and CEO, Crawford Technologies. “We are excited that this partnership will provide organizations that are ready to modernize, eliminate and consolidate with a highly scalable solution that can support the storage and management of customer communications in a centralized location, saving substantial time and resources.”

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