Crawford Technologies Debuts Digital Transform Engine Version 5.6

The latest version of DTE supports the creation of clear, understandable and compliant communications.

(Image source: Crawford Technologies.)

Crawford Technologies (Toronto), a provider of document solutions designed to streamline, improve and manage customer communications, has announced the release of Version 5.6 of its Digital Transform Engine (DTE). This latest release of the company’s core engine, the base of its award-winning solutions, offers enhancements that optimize the production of customer communications that enhance the user experience, are compliant and save time and resources.

Ernie Crawford, President and CEO, Crawford Technologies.

The new features of DTE 5.6 that fully support the production of clear, inclusive and compliant customer communications include the following, as described by the vendor:

  • Enhancements to AccessibilityNow ValidatorAccessibilityNow Remediateand AccessibilityNow Transactional to ensure documents comply with the WCAG 2.2 accessibility requirements
  • Enhancements to Crawford Technologies’ GUI-based design tools, PRO Designer and AccessibilityNow Designer, include streamlined template creation and editing for simple and complex documents, saving significant time and minimizing errors, as well as the ability to utilize dynamic file names with elements like time and date for greater efficiency
  • New AccessibilityNow Designer AI-powered capability to identify and retain links for greater efficiency and accuracy
  • The addition of new high-volume document translation service, AccessibilityNow Translate to ensure all individuals, regardless of language used, have access to vital information and to enable organizations to communicate effectively with the 66 million Americans who speak a language other than English at home
  • Numerous enhancements and improvements to the document transformation and re-engineering technology and workflow solutions

“Being able to produce clear and compliant communications accessible to everyone fosters a loyalty that strengthens a company’s position with its customers,” comments Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies. “The enhancements in the newest release of our DTE core engine focus on the ways to accelerate the creation and delivery of customer communications to make it easy for businesses to communicate with their customers with the accuracy and transparency that is so important today.”

The vendor notes that DTE 5.6 suite of enhancements and new features are available through flexible deployment options, including SaaS, cloud, hybrid and on-premise.

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