Cover Genius Partners with Descartes to Offer e-Commerce Shipping Insurance

The XCover insurance distribution platform has been integrated with the ShipRush ecommerce shipping solution to provide e-commerce shipping insurance to Descartes’ U.S. customers.

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Cover Genius (New York), creator of an insurance distribution platform that provides protection for customers of online companies globally, has announced a relationship with Descartes Systems Group (Waterloo, Ontario), a provider of logistics software, supply chain management software, and cloud-based services for logistics businesses, to provide Cover Genius’ ecommerce shipping insurance solutions for Descartes ShipRush solution customers in the U.S.

Through the partnership, XCover—Cover Genius’ global insurance distribution platform—has been integrated with the Descartes ShipRush e-commerce shipping solution. The combined offering provides Descartes ShipRush customers with what Cover Genius characterizes as a comprehensive, customer-centric insurance solution that includes protection for the full order value of items shipped rather than just the declared value and coverages for many categories that were historically hard to insure, such as some electronics, second hand goods and more.

Troy Graham, VP, Ecommerce, Descartes.

Cover Genius says thqat Descartes ShipRush customers will also benefit from XCover’s instant claims capability that removes the need for documents such as proof of sale, wholesale invoices and statutory declarations. Cover Genius says its insurance licenses and claims authority obviates minimum mandatory wait times on claims nor any requirement to “sit behind” existing cumbersome claims processes. Descartes ShipRush customers will be able to make claims and receive instantaneous reimbursement for return shipping and re-shipping of items that were damaged, lost or stolen in transit.

“Offering a comprehensive shipping insurance solution to our e-commerce customers is essential to help protect them against unforeseen circumstances in the delivery,” comments Troy Graham, VP, Ecommerce, Descartes. “Cover Genius’ XCover platform helps us create a seamless delivery experience and when things go wrong, they can replace their items immediately and protect their margins.”

Customer-Centric Approach to Policy Design and Claims Management

“Traditional insurers offer limited coverage, manual processes and lengthy delays,” says Justin Turner, Head of Logistics Partnerships, Cover Genius. “They also favor the carrier and insurer at the expense of the customer. Cover Genius is committed to transforming the insurance industry, through a customer-centric approach to policy design and claims management that constantly deliver world-beating NPS of positive 65. We are excited to welcome Descartes as the newest addition to the Cover Genius network of global companies, including eBay and Wayfair, who have made our technology available to give their customers access to personalized protection.”

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