Covéa Deploys Tractable AI Nationally for Auto Damage Analysis

Expanding on an existing relationship, Covéa will deploy Tractable’s AI across its networks of thousands of French bodyshops, where it will assess auto claims from its three insurance brands.

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Covéa (Paris), France’s largest insurance group, has expanded an existing relationship with Tractable AI to extend use of the vendor’s technology nationally across its three brands, MAAF, MMA and GMF, to analyze auto damage. Tractable’s solution uses computer vision technology to interpret photos of auto damage taken by bodyshops in France, making sense of the impact as a human would, according to a tractable statement.

Bruno Lacoste Badie, Director, Expertise and Indemnity Solutions, Covéa

During 2021, Covéa will be deploying Tractable’s AI across its networks of thousands of French bodyshops, where it will assess auto claims from its three insurance brands in real-time, and on a national scale, the vendor reports.

By speeding up decisions and making the process more efficient, Tractable says its AI makes it possible to analyze claims in a few minutes, instead of a few days. It will also ensure bodyshops follow the most appropriate and safe repair methods and allow experts to focus their attention on more complex tasks, the vendor says. In addition to simplifying and speeding up the process, tractable says the solution also has the advantage of enabling the policyholders from Covéa’s brands to recover their vehicles more quickly.

“Using AI to accelerate claims assessment is a step change for policyholders of the MAAF, MMA and GMA brands, and for our repair service providers,” comments Bruno Lacoste Badie, Director, Expertise and Indemnity Solutions, Covéa. “In addition to making claims handling more efficient, Tractable’s AI will allow all stakeholders to make better, more accurate decisions that benefit everyone.”Covéa began working with Tractable in 2016 to simplify claims management. To deploy the technology nationally, Covéa set up the ExcellIA partnership, which includes the service platform Darva and bodyshop solutions providers, alongside AI specialist Tractable. The collaboration brings together the major players across the French repair ecosystem, and allows participants to easily use and benefit from the new technology on a daily basis.

Repairers Won’t Have to Wait for Approvals

Adrien Cohen, Co-Founder and President, Tractable.

“This collaboration means our technology will be making a positive, tangible difference to every part of the French auto repair sector,” comments Adrien Cohen, co-founder and President, Tractable. “With our AI, a repairer won’t have to wait on approvals from an assessor in person, but can move a repair on immediately—giving them more autonomy, helping them to work on more vehicles, and ensuring expertise is directed to complex claims. The aim is to get the insured back on the road, as quickly as possible.”

Tractable’s AI uses deep learning, along with machine learning techniques. The vendor says its AI is trained on many millions of photos of car damage, and the algorithms learn from experience by analyzing a large variety of different examples. The AI allows insurers to evaluate the damage to a vehicle, based on photos provided by repairers, appraisers or consumers. Via a platform, Tractable’s AI shares repair method recommendations and guides the process to ensure each claim is processed and settled as quickly as possible.

The vendor describes the AI as acting in the role of a real-time coach, recommending best practice and safest repair methods to Covéa’s partner workshops. Each bodyshop benefits from the training of other players, as the data is shared to elevate repair standards across the ecosystem.

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