Coterie Insurance Adopts Zesty AI’s Z-PROPERTY

Coterie will use Z-PROPERTY’s precision scoring on factors such as roof condition and complexity, debris, vegetation overhang, etc., to make better underwriting decisions.

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Coterie (Cincinnati), a digital distributor of small business insurance, has adopted ZestyAI’s property risk analytics platform, Z-PROPERTY, to provide timely risk insights for business insurance underwriting across the U.S., according to a statement from the vendor.

Paul Bessire, Chief Data Officer, Coterie.

ZestyAI describes Z-PROPERTY platform as using computer vision and machine learning to extract insights from aerial and satellite imagery, among other unique data sources, for over 150 million residential and commercial properties. ZestyAI reports that it maintains a database of every property in North America that is constantly updated as changes in property condition, maintenance, and upgrades impact each property’s evolving value and risk.

Zesty says that Coterie Insurance will use Z-PROPERTY’s precision scoring on factors such as roof condition and complexity, debris, vegetation overhang and many more to make better underwriting decisions. The vendor says that, with Z-PROPERTY, Coterie Insurance can make faster decisions, reduce the frequency and cost of manual inspections and drive down loss ratios. The vendor reports that Z-PROPERTY was seamlessly integrated into Coterie’s existing systems in less than a week.

Attila Toth, CEO,

“Like Coterie, ZestyAI is part of the ecosystem revolutionizing commercial insurance,” comments Paul Bessire, Chief Data Officer, Coterie Insurance. “By providing property data, we expect ZestyAI will help Coterie understand both attritional and catastrophic risk impacting commercial data.”

“Coterie Insurance has zeroed in on what businesses are looking for: speed, service, and simplicity,” says Attila Toth, Founder and CEO of ZestyAI. “We’re excited to partner with them to provide our unique property insights and enable them to provide their clients with a fast, transparent, and accurate underwriting process.”

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