CoreLogic Deepens Capabilities through Strategic Alliance with Google Cloud

CoreLogic’s continued collaboration with Google Cloud focuses on new product capabilities powered by Vertex AI.

(Image source: Google Vertex AI page.)

CoreLogic (Irvine, Calif.), a global provider of property data and analytics, has announced the expansion of its strategic alliance with Google Cloud (Mountainview, Calif.)(, which the vendor characterizes as solidifying a successful collaboration that has thrived over the past half-decade.

Patrick Dodd, President and CEO, CoreLogic.

“Since the inception of this relationship, CoreLogic has integrated Google Cloud’s forward-looking solutions into all of its crucial property professional workflow solutions,” a CoreLogic statement says. “Over 1.5 million property professionals rely on CoreLogic’s scaled, secure data and software solutions, giving the company deep insights into the U.S. housing economy.”

As part of this extended collaboration, CoreLogic says it is working with Google Cloud to mature its AI capabilities by leveraging Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s enterprise AI platform. This unified platform is designed to accelerate the building of new machine learning models, leveraging pre-built models that empower CoreLogic to unlock valuable insights from its expansive, industry-leading property dataset. CoreLogic reports that it is accelerating new product development with wide-scale deployment of image and climate risk analytics, natural language processing and state-of-the-art predictive modeling using Google Cloud’s suite of AI solutions. From automating a property listing, to calculating the first-floor height of every structure, CoreLogic asserts that it is bringing invaluable insights into the hands of every property professional.

“CoreLogic has been at the forefront of innovation for decades with our best-in-class property data, platforms and software solutions,” comments Patrick Dodd, President and CEO, CoreLogic. “Our strategic relationship with Google Cloud has allowed us to further unleash our AI potential, empowering CoreLogic to help our clients make faster, smarter and more people-focused decisions.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.

Unlocking New Solutions for the Property Ecosystem

“Generative AI is fundamentally changing how businesses in every industry operate, fueling a new era of cloud that can benefit virtually every area of an organization,” comments Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud. “By utilizing Google Cloud’s leading gen AI capabilities, CoreLogic can transform how agents, lenders and carriers serve their end customers and unlock new ways to solve the property ecosystem’s largest business challenges.”

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