CoreLogic Announces Guidewire Accelerator for Commercial Reconstruction Value Data

The accelerator is designed to help insurers maximize efficiency gains in data-driven underwriting processes.

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CoreLogic (Irvine, Calif.), a global property analytics solutions provider, has announced that its Commercial Express Ready for Guidewire accelerator is now available in the Guidewire Marketplace.

Using the ExpressLync API suite to promote ease of system integration across Guidewire PolicyCenter 9 and Commercial Express, the Ready for Guidewire accelerator is designed to promote ease of access and reduce an insurer’s need for IT resources while enabling turnkey utilization of best-in-class structural risk assessment solutions from CoreLogic, according to the vendor. Insurers using Guidewire PolicyCenter can leverage the Commercial Express Ready for Guidewire accelerator to quickly calculate comprehensive commercial building reconstruction estimates, understand its exposure to natural hazards and even estimate a business’ personal property, CoreLogic reports.

Easier Access to Reconstruction Estimates
“The Commercial Express integration accelerator allows Guidewire PolicyCenter’s users easier access to comprehensive building reconstruction estimates for commercial properties,” comments Elio Mariani, principal, product management at CoreLogic Insurance and Spatial Solutions. “The accelerator drives business value for clients by promoting ease of integration, spanning quote-to-bind and policy management processes, all while expediting time-to-market for insurers.”

CoreLogic explains that within PolicyCenter 9, the CoreLogic Commercial Express Ready for Guidewire accelerator provides multiple ease-of-use functionalities, enabling insurers to do the following, by the vendor’s description:

  • Create a new valuation that returns a property profile and calculated reconstruction cost from Commercial Express directly into PolicyCenter.
  • Edit an existing valuation to request updated property profile and reconstruction cost data.
  • Renew a valuation with updated reconstruction cost data.
  • Seamlessly launch a user from PolicyCenter directly into the Commercial Express platform.
  • Display a detailed PDF report from Commercial Express within PolicyCenter.
  • Leverage additional admin functionality streamlining user creation, with the ability to create a new user in Commercial Express right from PolicyCenter.

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