Core Specialty Transacts Duck Creek OnDemand via Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Through its relationship with Microsoft, Duck Creek seeks to redefine the customer experience and simplify transactions for technology-focused insurers such as Core Specialty

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Duck Creek Technologies, (Boston) a major provider of a core system/insurance platform and related solutions for the property/casualty and general insurance industry, has announced that Core Specialty (Cincinnati) has become its inaugural customer transacting its Duck Creek OnDemand subscription on Microsoft’s commercial marketplace to use its existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC).

Jeff Consolino, President & CEO, Core Specialty.Jeff Consolino, President & CEO, Core Specialty.

“At Core Specialty, our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers and brokers is unwavering,” comments Jeff Consolino, Founder, President & CEO, Core Specialty. “Through our relationship with Duck Creek and Microsoft, we have heightened our emphasis on using technology to elevate the customer experience. This relationship empowers us to uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions.”

A Duck Creek statement says that, through its partnership with Microsoft, it is enhancing customer experience and streamlining transactions for technology-centric insurers such as Core Specialty. It cites Core Specialty as a forward-looking insurer that recognizes the strategic value of acquiring SaaS products through the Azure Marketplace—an approach that allows the insurer to apply its Duck Creek SaaS fee payments as a credit to its MACC and simplifies the billing process through a consolidated invoice.

Mike Jackowski, CEO, Duck Creek Technologies.

The vendor adds that Core Specialty benefits from Duck Creek’s presence in the commercial marketplace, and that the relationship between Duck Creek and Microsoft drives meaningful results for insurers with regard to scalability, security, and sustainability, as well as getting to market quickly with innovative and emerging technologies.

“We take pride in championing Core Specialty on their path to growth, innovation, and service excellence for both their customers and distribution partners through our world-class solutions and industry expertise,” comments Mike Jackowski, CEO, Duck Creek Technologies. “The decision to make Duck Creek solutions available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a strategic move and adds substantial value for insurers by aligning their Duck Creek and Microsoft relationship and investments with impactful results.”

True Potential of the Cloud

Karen Del Vescovo, CVP Financial Services, Microsoft.

“Duck Creek’s win with Core Specialty Insurance demonstrates the immense partner opportunity of building on Microsoft Azure and selling solutions via the Azure Marketplace, resulting in streamlining Core Specialty’s cloud transformation strategy across SaaS and transactable solutions,” Karen Del Vescovo, CVP Financial Services, Microsoft. “This underscores the power of collaboration, where forward-thinking technology providers and insurers come together to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and transform the insurance landscape. As we continue to empower the financial services industry, relationships like these exemplify the true potential of the cloud and the Microsoft partner ecosystem.”

Core Specialty, a provider of a diversified range of property and casualty insurance products for small to mid-sized businesses, announced its selection of Duck Creek solutions via Duck Creek OnDemand in early 2021.

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