Consortium of 7 State Insurance Guaranty Associations Adopts Insurity’s SIMS Claims

The IGAs will share the costs of making their claims systems UDS compliant while also enjoying the benefits of the application’s hosting in the SIMS Cloud environment.

(The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of two of the states represented by the consortium of IGAs using SIMS Claims. Image credit: Chris Chow.)

Seven state property and casualty insurance guaranty associations (IGAs)—those of North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Arkansas—have all successfully completed implementation of Insurity’s (Hartford) SIMS Claims to manage claims for various lines of property and casualty insurance. The system is being hosted within SIMS Cloud environment.

Brian Mack, VP of Sales & Marketing, SIMS Claims, Insurity.

Brian Mack, VP of Sales & Marketing, SIMS Claims, Insurity.

Each of the state IGAs identified above has its own claims-handling operation, but they teamed up to implement the same claims system and share the cost of making the claims system uniform data standard (UDS) compliant, according to Brian Mack, VP of Sales & Marketing, SIMS Claims, Insurity. “Due to this collaborative arrangement among the IGAs, they achieved tremendous value for all, as well as putting in place a structure for other IGAs, which choose to join this group of seven IGAs, to benefit from implementing SIMS,” he says. “For those IGAs with SIMS in place, they’re already starting to take advantage of workflow management capabilities to optimize efficiency and enhance productivity for claims adjusters, as well as business intelligence tools that monitor key performance metrics.”

Meeting Needs of Individual IGAs and the Group as a Whole

“We’re thrilled that SIMS Claims is now in production at these IGAs. SIMS Claims is designed to deliver superior performance, robust claims-handling features and the flexibility to accommodate each IGA’s unique needs, while simultaneously meeting the needs of the group as a whole,” comments Jose Tribuzio, senior VP and General Manager, SIMS Claims, Insurity.

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