Consolidation and Transformation: Isidoro Ponce Dieguez, Seguros Banamex

Ponce has overseen massive core consolidation, rationalized solution architecture and support for a new value proposition for customers through new products and new digital distribution service channels.

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Editor’s Note: Isidoro Ponce Dieguez, Director of Clients, Operations and Technology, Seguros Banamex, is one of 16 finalists for Insurance Innovation Reporter’s Four Stars Award, which recognizes outstanding insurance IT innovators across four regions of Latin America: Mexico, Central America & Caribbean, Andean, and Southern Cone.

In order to take full advantage of the bancassurance opportunity, Seguros Banamex (Mexico City, a Citibank company) needed to transform its central insurance systems and related capabilities. Isidoro Ponce Dieguez, Director of Clients, Operations and Technology, took on the transformation initiative, which included the massive task of consolidating 13 policy administration systems into a single system.

Isidoro Ponce Dieguez, Director of Clients, Operations and Technology, Seguros Banamex.

Isidoro Ponce Dieguez, Director of Clients, Operations and Technology, Seguros Banamex.

The result of the initiative wasn’t simply consolidation—and the efficiency that flows from that—but rather the establishment of a new and powerful operating platform comprising modern technologies that support a customer-oriented way of doing business. Among the specific benefits were the integration of all processes; the ability to measure customer profitability; management by customer rather than policy; the ability to manage sales campaigns; and the ability to make multi-product offerings to customers and prospects.

In addition to the core system consolidation project, Ponce Dieguez and his team developed several new applications to support the company’s new customer-oriented business approach, including for the follow-up of service procedures; to select the medical risk of clients; for the automation of reconciliation processes; the management of online services digital media; the transmission of documents through digital media; and customer self-service capabilities.

New Value Proposition

The transformation effort led by Ponce Dieguez not only successfully rationalized its solution architecture and made it more efficient, but it also achieved greater agility and flexibility in order to create a new value proposition for customers with multiple products and the incorporation of new service channels and service/self-service aligned to the preferences of its customers.

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