Colón Seguros CEO on World-Class Innovation and Emerging Markets

Eduardo Iglesias, CEO, Colón Seguros talks about founding Argentina’s fully digital insurer, introducing NPL capabilities in a virtual assistant, and what it means to innovate in both established and emerging insurance markets.

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This fall eColón launched a new version of its virtual assistant Julieta equipped with natural language processing (NLP) and and machine learning, leveraging Google’s open-source DialogFlow and TensorFlow technology. IIR spoke with Colón Seguros CEO Eduardo Iglesias to discuss Julieta, the trajectory of eColón, and other insurance innovation-related topics. During his career, Iglesias held senior positions at major U.S. companies and has applied that experience in launching eColón. He talks about creating a platform that would be considered innovative in any market, and also about some of the specific opportunities and challenges of insurance innovation in emerging markets.

Eduardo Iglesias, CEO, Colón Seguros.