Coaction Specialty Insurance Adopts Duck Creek SaaS Core Solutions

The Duck Creek Suite will consolidate Coaction’s solutions on Microsoft Azure to increase speed-to-market and ease of connecting with customers and industry partners.

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Coaction Specialty Insurance Group, Inc. (Morristown, N.J.) will upgrade its core policy, billing and commercial templates from on-premises to cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) using Duck Creek OnDemand, according to a statement from the Boston-based vendor. Duck Creek says its technology suite will efficiently consolidate Coaction’s technology solutions on Microsoft’s Azure platform to increase its speed-to-market and ease of connecting with customers and industry partners.

Mike Sciole, COO, Coaction.

Coaction’s technology modernization strategy aims to create insurance products more quickly and efficiently, meeting the end-to-end engagement needs of its customers, and bringing more ease to everyday insurance transactions, according to the Duck Creek statement. The cloud-based deployment of Duck Creek OnDemand will ensure that Coaction’s technology is evergreen, scalable and efficient, allowing the insurer’s internal teams to focus on innovation that drives value for its customers, the vendor asserts.

Embracing Cloud Strategically

“Coaction is an innovative insurer who brings unrivaled specialty insurance expertise to solve challenges and provide solutions for their customers. We are thrilled to have Coaction leveraging Duck Creek OnDemand to help them drive efficiency and provide an industry-leading, consistent, and friendly customer experience,” said Mike Jackowski, Chief Executive Officer, Duck CreekTechnologies. “Coaction’s shift from on-premises to SaaS is a meaningful example of major carriers embracing the cloud strategically for their businesses.”

Mike Jackowski, CEO, Duck Creek Technologies.

“The benefits of transitioning from on-premises services to a SaaS-based model with Duck Creek as a partner were obvious and exemplify Coaction’s dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer service,” said Mike Sciole, COO, Coaction Specialty Insurance Group. “With Duck Creek OnDemand, Coaction will be able to increase agility, flexibility, and scale accordingly with our business. Duck Creek has been a great partner with the best SaaS offering in the industry. We are very excited about our future.”

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