Cloudera and CSC Partner on PCI/HIPAA Certification for BDPaaS

The initiative makes CSC’s Big Data Platform as a Service the first Hadoop-based managed service to receive PCI and HIPAA certifications.

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Cloudera, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based enterprise analytic data management solutions provider has partnered with CSC (Falls Church, Va.) to develop security certifications for CSC’s Big Data Platform as a Service (BDPaaS) offering. The initiative makes BDPaaS the first Hadoop-based managed service to receive PCI and HIPAA certifications, according to a joint statement by the companies.

“Cloudera was critical to our PCI/HIPAA compliant solution,” comments Eddie Satterly, chief technology officer for CSC’s Emerging Business Group. “The unique technologies of Cloudera Navigator, Cloudera Sentry, and other security capabilities essential to the successful audit of the solution.”

Most Stringent Standards

Tim Stevens, VP, Cloudera.

Tim Stevens, VP, Cloudera.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an industry-wide framework for protecting consumer credit card data, and its security compliance standards are considered the market’s most stringent, the vendors’ statement notes. Beyond payment cards, PCI-level security is essential for many industries, including financial services and health insurance, including banking, where strict requirements dictate processes for handling sensitive information such as financial data and personally identifiable information.

In achieving PCI DSS certification for its BDPaaS offering, CSC becomes the first and only global technology services firm to provide a compliance-ready Hadoop platform as a service, according to the vendors. The success of the initiative gives Cloudera and CSC the to offer a PCI-ready environment for clients looking to host-sensitive data within CSC’s fully managed BDPaaS offering, which the vendors say speeds and simplifies development, testing and deployment of big data applications.

Interesting Option

“CSC has shown its leadership and deep understanding of Cloudera’s technology in reaching this high security bar,” comments Tim Stevens, VP, Corporate and Business, Cloudera. “This offering presents an interesting option for those customers who need HIPAA or PCI-level security but would like a managed data platform.”

The PCI DSS and HIPAA-certified solutions are designed using Intel x86 technology with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform within a CSC datacenter. CompliancePoint served as the third-party evaluator to CSC and Cloudera for PCI and HIPAA compliance, and the Duluth, Georgia-based information security service company will also be available for audit services for any customers of BDPaaS.

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