City of Anaheim Deploys PCIS ClaimsVISION for Workers’ Comp

The system will be deployed via a SaaS model with an implementation project timeline of four months, including the conversion of 42 years of data.

(Angel Stadium, Anaheim, Calif. Photo credit: Chad McMeen.)

The City of Anaheim has begun implementing PCIS ClaimsVISION to manage workers’ compensation claims for the municipality’s Risk Management Division. The system will serve as Anaheim’s single, centralized workers’ compensation claim system.

By implementing ClaimVISION, the City of Anaheim’s Risk Management Division will be able to eliminate inefficient processes and introduce what the PCIS describes as advanced architecture and a powerful B2B integration platform which is pre-integrated with CMS for Medicare, ISO for FROI/SROI, for State Forms, multiple bill review providers.

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The system will be deployed via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model with an implementation project timeline of four months, including the conversion of 42 years of data, according to PCIS. Benefits anticipated by the City of Anaheim include the following, according to the vendor:

  • A single system of record for claims administration bringing greater process consistency and efficiency;
  • SaaS deployment will minimize the need for IT resources during implementation as well as ongoing maintenance and support;
  • An improved and robust reporting platform that includes data analytics and risk analysis modules;
  • Fully automated “No Touch” FROI/SROI (First Notice of Loss/Second Notice of Loss) reporting to the state, built in compliance without adjustor intervention
  • Increased interface capabilities to automate 3rd party processes.



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