Cigna Launches Alexa-Powered Voice Control Application “Answers by Cigna”

The hands-free Amazon Alexa skill provides instant and easy-to-understand answers to more than 150 commonly-asked health care questions.

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Global health insurer and health services company Cigna (Bloomfield, Conn.) has launched “Answers by Cigna,” a new Amazon Alexa “skill,” aimed at personalizing and simplifying health benefits information for members. The hands-free skill is designed to demystify language about health care by providing instant and easy-to-understand answers to more than 150 commonly-asked health care questions.

Rowena Track, Global VP of Digital Marketing, Cigna.

Cigna explains the value of “Answers by Cigna” by alluding to 2017 survey on health literacy that revealed the public’s scant knowledge of common terminology. For example, the survey found that 20 percent of respondents did not understand the word “premium” and 66 percent did not understand the word “formulary.” The insurer reasons that when people do not understand the terms used in their health plan, they are less likely to take full advantage of their benefits. “Answers by Cigna” is intended to enhance that knowledge and thus help members to understand and access their benefits.

Innovative and Convenient

“Voice control offers an exciting and innovative way for Cigna to educate and engage people about health care in a way that is convenient for them,” comments Rowena Track, VP of Digital Marketing, Cigna. “The applications for voice control are expanding every day and we see great potential as we continue to simplify and personalize our customers’ health care journeys. Our work with Amazon Alexa provides us with experience and expertise as we evolve our voice platform and introduce new personalized services throughout the year.”

Cigna reports that the “Answers by Cigna” skill for Alexa is available to everyone in the Amazon Alexa Skills Store or by saying, “Alexa, enable Answers by Cigna.” To use the “Answers by Cigna” skill for Alexa, users can simply ask their health-related questions, like “what’s a formulary?,” and receive an easy-to-understand response, according to the insurer.

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