and Duck Creek Form Strategic Partnership

The collaboration will integrate’s AI technology into Duck Creek Claims to help insurers make more informed decisions, streamline claims processing and reduce costs.

(Image source: homepage.) (Pleasanton, Calif.), a provider of AI-based predictive analytic solutions, and Duck Creek Technologies(Boston), a prominent provider of SaaS core systems for the insurance industry, have joined forces in a solution partnership to enhance claims management processes through cutting-edge predictive analytics.

Sri Ramaswamy, CEO,

The collaboration will integrate’s AI technology into Duck Creek Claims, a claims management solution offered by Duck Creek Technologies. By infusing AI capabilities into Duck Creek Claims, insurers will benefit from enhanced predictive analytics, empowering them to make more informed decisions, streamline claims processing, reduce costs, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction, according to a statement.

“Partnering with Duck Creek Technologies presents an exciting opportunity to continue revolutionizing claims management within the insurance industry,” comments Sri Ramaswamy, founder and CEO, “Our AI-driven predictive analytics enables insurers to proactively identify claims trends, assess risks more accurately, and optimize claims handling processes, leading to improved operational efficiency and customer experiences.”

Analyzing Vast Amounts of Data

Robert Fletcher, Head, Global Solution Partnerships, Duck Creek.

Duck Creek Claims is designed to streamline claims processing workflows, reduce cycle times, and increase productivity for insurers. By integrating’s AI capabilities, Duck Creek Claims will be able to leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and generate actionable insights in real-time, empowering insurers to anticipate and mitigate potential risks more effectively, the vendor statement says.

“We are thrilled to engage with to further enhance the capabilities of Duck Creek Claims,” comments Robert Fletcher, Sr. Partner Manager, Duck Creek Technologies. “Through’s predictive analytics, insurers are able to leverage data-driven insights to make faster, more informed decisions, ultimately driving better outcomes for their policyholders.” and ClaimDeck Announce Partnership

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