CCC Introduces AI Damage Detection for All Major U.S. Vehicle Types

The vendor claims an ‘industry first’ through using computer vision and exclusive heat maps that bring precision to damage detection and address consumer preferences.

(Image source: CCC website.)

CCC Information Services Inc. (Chicago), a major provider to the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries, has announced today the availability of AI-powered capabilities that use computer vision technology to automatically detect vehicle damage and visually depict it using CCC’s unique heat maps. The vendor has claimed the new CCC heat map technology as an auto claims industry first, offering the ability to transform vehicle photos into heat maps which the vendor says provide an insightful and more visually literate, color-coded view of the damage for every major vehicle brand and body type in the U.S., including sedans, SUVs, coupes, convertibles, vans, light trucks, hatchbacks, and wagons. CCC is a leading Software as a Service provider to the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries.

David Bliss, VP, Product Management, CCC.

“For photos to deliver real benefits they need to be supported by data and a deep understanding of how the claims process works,” comments David Bliss, VP, Product Management, CCC. “We’re injecting our claims solution suite with AI, which becomes infinitely more powerful when combined with data in CCC ONE, and CCC’s 30 years of experience supporting the auto claims industry.”

The vendor cites research showing that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer estimates when delivered with heat maps that clearly highlight the damage versus estimates delivered without heat maps.

Industry Game-Changer

“Our damage detection technology and heat maps bring depth and insight into otherwise opaque damage photos,” Bliss adds. “And we know through our 50 million annual consumer touchpoints that transparency is linked to satisfaction. CCC’s real-world applications of AI are a game-changer for the industry.”

CCC’s claims solutions operate through its CCC ONE Platform, which the vendor describes as a cloud-based hyperscale platform built for the massive-scale demands of today’s business environment, which includes digital content and telematics data.  CCC reports that it has processed nearly 200 million automotive claims, and its solutions are in use by more than 350 carriers, 24,000 repair shops, OEMs, and third-party data and service providers.

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