CCC Intelligent Solutions Launches Touchless Auto Estimates

USAA is among four auto insurers using AI-powered CCC Estimate – STP, which offers touchless line level estimates from photos.

(Image source: CCC Estimate – STP webpage.)

CCC Intelligent Solutions (Chicago), a provider of a SaaS platform for the property/casualty insurance industry, has debuted CCC Estimate – STP, which the vendor pitches as making touchless estimating a reality. The company says that CCC Estimate-STP uses advanced AI and insurer-driven rules to automatically initiate and populate detailed and actionable estimates in seconds. Already in market with four national insurers, including USAA (San Antonio), CCC Estimate – STP offers touchless line level estimates from photos and is part of CCC’s broader offering that is digitizing the auto claims experience.

Seth Rachlin, Seth Rachlin, Chief Innovation Officer for Insurance, Capgemini.

“Touchless claims have long been the industry’s vision. CCC is delivering the future today,” comments Dr. Seth Rachlin, EVP and Global Insurance Industry Leader, Capgemini (Paris). “Advancements like these create the underpinnings of a frictionless enterprise capable of better business outcomes and long-term policyholder value. This is an important milestone in the industry’s transformation.”

CCC Estimate – STP utilizes AI at levels not previously seen in the industry and delivers the first ever touchless estimating experience, asserts Barrett Callaghan, EVP, Markets and Customer Success, CCC. “CCC is excited to deliver innovations that simultaneously reset expectations for insurers and policyholders, removing friction, increasing transparency and delighting policyholders by accelerating the claims experience,” Callaghan says. “What many thought was impossible or years away is now live in-market with CCC-powered estimates being completed in seconds versus days.”

Barrett Callaghan, EVP, Markets and Customer Success, CCC.

CCC describes the new solution as using a powerful combination of technologies, data, and partner connections to digitally generate comprehensive estimates for qualified repairable claims. The outcome is actionable estimates with line-level detail, including parts, labor operations and hours, and taxes, the vendor says. CCC reports that CCC Estimate – STP is configurable by insurer, including claim eligibility thresholds and desired policyholder communication experiences.

Touchless Estimating Capabilities

“Our members are at the center of everything we do, which today means delivering digital-first experiences whenever we can,” comments Sean Burgess, Chief Claims Officer, USAA. “We are excited to be first to include the touchless estimating capabilities available through CCC Estimate – STP in our claims process, automating steps that free our team to focus on the personal, compassionate aspects of the experience.”

Sean Burgess, Chief Claims Officer, USAA.

CCC reports that its network of 30,000 customers use its solutions to digitize operations, improve performance, and deliver seamless experiences to their policyholders across millions of claims annually. The vendor says that insurer adoption of CCC’s advanced AI using deep-learning—which it identifies as an important element of CCC Estimate – STP—increased 50 percent year over year in 2020, and through 2020, more than 5 million unique claims had been processed using a CCC deep-learning AI solution. The vendor says that, today, more than 90 insurers are actively applying CCC’s advanced AI to their claims process to improve policyholder experiences.

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