CCC Debuts Advanced Capabilities Supporting ‘Life Just Works’ Vision

The launch of the Intelligent Experience (IX) Cloud platform, with AI and a new intelligent architecture, supports delivery of Intelligent Experiences during crucial moments following auto accidents.

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CCC (Chicago), a major provider of claims-related technology solutions, has launched a new version of its cloud platform called the Intelligent Experience (IX) Cloud platform, for its use of new event-driven ‘intelligent’ architecture and AI. The firm describes the new platform as delivering “Intelligent Experiences,” and supporting a new vision of enhanced customer experience that CCC calls Life Just Works.

The firm introduces the Intelligent Experience (IX) Cloud platform as a response to irreversible shifts in the property/casualty insurance economy, marked by increasing vehicle complexity and labor shortages, require bold thinking and the use of modern, flexible technology. The vendor says CCC Intelligent Solutions (CCC) stands ready, announcing its technology-backed vision to power the next evolution of the industry, shaping a world where Life Just Works for customers and the millions of their consumers involved in auto claims and repairs each year.

Githesh Ramamurthy, Chairman and CEO, CCC.

“Making Life Just Work is at the heart of what CCC has been doing for more than 40 years. Today, it becomes our official north star,” comments Githesh Ramamurthy, chairman and CEO, CCC Intelligent Solutions. “The industry is at an inflection point and customers are looking for ways to rapidly transform their businesses without disrupting existing operations. Our new intelligent architecture will help them deliver improved performance today while also providing a modern, flexible foundation from which customers can build and innovate for the future.”

Introducing Intelligent Experiences

CCC describes Intelligent Experiences as those that work for everyone involved in a claim or repair, including consumers, businesses, and their employees. Intelligent Experiences synthesize these different perspectives to help deliver the optimal outcome for everyone participating in a given interaction by orchestrating data, AI, and ecosystems at scale, the vendor explains.

The vendor says that CCC Intelligent Experience (IX) Cloud platform will bring intelligent experiences to life through a new event-driven architecture that overlays onto CCC’s existing cloud applications, customer workflows, and customer and partner systems. CCC says that this microservices-based approach will proactively provide additional insights about business events, infuse the latest AI into workflows, and cascade innovation across customer operations. The CCC IX Cloud will create opportunities for workflows that are as dynamic and unique as the tens of millions of claims and repairs that occur each year, as well as help customers focus on the claims, repair decisions, and actions that will have the greatest impact on their business, CCC adds.

Marc Fredman, Chief Strategy Officer, CCC.

Built to Accelerate Partner Ecosystem Growth

The vendor characterizes CCC IX Cloud’s capabilities as informed by decades of SaaS expertise and data stewardship, with enhanced scalability and elasticity from CCC’s public cloud investments. The new CCC IX Cloud architecture is built to accelerate the expansion of CCC’s large and growing partner ecosystem.

“The only way to address the challenges facing the industry is by embracing a fundamentally new approach to human-centered technology,” comments Marc Fredman, chief strategy officer, CCC. “Through the combination of data, advanced AI, and ecosystems, CCC is enabling our customers to transcend traditional boundaries and achieve unprecedented levels of success. With the CCC IX Cloud, CCC is not just envisioning a world where life just works, we’re actively engineering it.”

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