Catholic Order of Foresters Modernizes with WELIS Ascent Illustration System

The fraternal life benefit society sought an illustration platform that eased making changes, permitted self-service and was a highly scalable platform that made agents’ lives easier.

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Catholic Order of Foresters, a Naperville, Ill.-based fraternal benefit life insurance society, has selected iPipeline’s (Exton, Pa.) WELIS Ascent Illustration System to modernize how the company’s agents present diversified insurance products to consumers seeking protection.

Larry Berran, CEO, iPipeline.

iPipeline describes the WELIS Ascent Illustration System is a scalable platform, designed to help insurers sell and service customers in a multi-channel distribution environment. The software is constructed as a standard single life illustration system that can be transformed into a multiple life/multiple plan system with a single button click. iPipeline acquired WELIS in September 2020.

Educating consumers about what they are buying and how it is likely to perform in the future is critical to selling life insurance products, according to Larry Berran, CEO, iPipeline. Automating “the task of providing detailed illustrations to consumers not only enables agents to more effectively sell but allows them to show the differences more effectively across a range of products,” he says. “Agents need to ensure that they are clearly educating consumers about products shaping their financial futures.”

“Our platform fulfills this important need,” Berran, continues. “WELIS Ascent is a feature-rich illustration platform offering flexibility and a range of features to improve sales presentations. The ability to rapidly make changes to support ongoing presentations provides speed-to-market advantages and improves consumer satisfaction. We are confident the agents at Catholic Order of Foresters will see an immediate benefit by using this new platform to educate their customers during the education and selling process.”

WELIS Team Stood Out

Geno Turek, VP, Product Solutions, Catholic Order of Foresters.

“From the beginning, iPipeline’s WELIS team stood out from the competition as a group that would build a strong relationship with us and forge a joint effort for the implementation of the new illustration platform,” says Geno Turek, VP, Product Solutions, Catholic Order of Foresters. “This was critical for us as we wanted to be able to update interest rates and make rider changes on our own, as well as execute other modifications to the platform without a heavy dependence on the tech provider. We were seeking a level of self-service to address our daily needs on the fly and saw that with iPipeline’s WELIS system.”

“Of equal importance was finding a highly scalable platform with a variety of presentation features to support our growth and make life easier for our agents,” Turek adds. “Ultimately, the ability to present our product portfolio more effectively is what led to the selection. Their platform allows our agents to efficiently select the best products to address specific financial needs.”

iPipeline Acquires WELIS

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