Unstuck: Using Technology to Build Insurance Resilience

In many instances, technology’s role in building resilience is growing more ‘human’ in its capabilities, and insurance’s new human factor may enable it to become more resilient.

Looking Forward to 2023:  Top Trends Shaping Insurance

With multiple signals to respond to involving economic, business, environmental and social factors, 2023 will demand insurers to respond by strengthening business fundamentals and foundation, while meeting the challenges of a changing market.

4 AI Predictions for the Insurance Industry in 2023

2023 will be the year that AI gains significant momentum in the insurance industry due to maturing technology advancements, the rising popularity, and familiarity of AI, as well as the greater availability of vast amounts of quality data. 

Strengthening Your Core to Handle the New Era of Life and Business

With a future that moves forward with blazing speed, many insurers aren’t prepared for the unpredictable, are not attune to new and layered risks, and many are certainly not prepared for the new customer mindset that is evolving.