The 12 Days of Christmas with Majesco P&C Core Suite

To join in and celebrate the most wonderful time of year we wanted to do our own version of the 12 Days by highlighting the 12 best things from our latest release, Version 12 for Majesco P&C Core Suite.

Why Better Data Management Improves the Workforce Benefits Journey

Without a seamless view of each individual insured, benefits providers and their employer customers are missing out on creating the right annual enrollment program offerings, accurate pricing structures and attractive policy packages for each employee demographic.

Distribution Management: A Path to Maturity

Carriers and distributors can escape that ‘Groundhog Day’ feeling with incremental improvements and a vision of a transformed experience for everyone. In fact, the vision is a great place to begin.

Full Speed Ahead: The Shape of Vehicle Risk in a Driverless World

With road testing of driverless vehicles now underway across North America, and more pilots on the horizon, it’s no wonder property and casualty insurers and industry experts are increasingly discussing the changing risk landscape.