Building an Adaptable Tech Stack from Scratch

Alyssa Arellano became employee #22 at Equitable’s employee benefits division in 2015. Now the organization is serving over 700,000 customers. Listen in to hear Equitable’s 3 indispensable initiatives to drive innovation across the employee benefits division.

Balancing the Human & the Machine to Improve CX with Protective’s COO

Protective COO Cissy Williams notes that there are over 102 million uninsured or underinsured Americans that either don’t realize the need for protection, don’t realize what value of protection they need, or have misconceptions about the price or process of insurance. “Our aspiration is to be America’s most protective life insurance company.”

Penn Mutual: The Transformation of a 175-Year-Old ‘Data Science Company’

Modernization and innovation of data science is what keeps Penn Mutual’s life insurance sector moving, even after 175 years. Listen in as Greg Driscoll, COO of Penn Mutual, describes the way that cloud technology, new interfaces, and an Accelerated Client Experience are innovating the way they do business. Greg Driscoll shares his team’s top innovation priorities with host Anthony O’Donnell–from uniting disparate data and technology ecosystems to going all-in on AWS and the cloud.

Forrester Analyst on What the Industry Future Holds & How to Prepare

Ellen Carney, Principal Analyst at Forrester, lives in the data. In this episode of Equisoft’s Life Accelerated, she walks through the major risks facing the industry, how to progress and plan for the future, and what to prioritize as the consumer, product and market rapidly changes. Learn what’s next and how to act now.

Northwestern Mutual’s Christian Mitchell: Agile Response to Customer Needs

In the world of finance and insurance, it’s often difficult to earn clients’ trust. In fact, just 52% of people trust financial service providers today. Northwestern Mutual has not only flipped that statistic on its head, but led the market in innovation to meet customers’ modern-day needs. In this episode of Life Accelerated, learn how Chief Customer Officer Christian Mitchell built their latest product to be high-tech yet accessible to both their advisors and customers.

Leveraging Tech and Data to Meet Digital Demands at Mutual of Omaha

Some businesses have struggled through the constant changes of the past two years. Brian Poppe and his team at Mutual of Omaha had the systems in place to thrive. They shifted strategy, adapted with sweeping change, and embraced technology. In this episode, learn how to approach your customers’ digital demands and what to prioritize in a noisy world.

The Big Bets MassMutual Has Made to Disrupt Life Insurance Distribution

A 170-year old life insurance institution operating like a highly innovative startup? That’s exactly how MassMutual is disrupting the distribution game. In this episode of the Life Accelerated Podcast, Sherriff Balogun Jr., Head of Platform Transformation at MassMutual, shares with IIR editor Anthony O’Donnell his three pillars for digital transformation, and how MassMutual created its Read More »