Creating Unforgettable Policyholder Experiences: Matt Berman Foresters Financial

Matt Berman, Foresters Financial’s President for the U.S. and Canada, is putting his brand experience and his understanding of modern technology to use in fulfilling Forester’s mission of providing coverage to individuals and families in North America, including the under- and uninsured.

Core, Cloud and Data: Digital Transformation at Voya Financial

Voya’s initiatives show how digital transformation is a continuum from back office to front, and how building a solid technology foundation speeds the creation of capabilities that give customers more power.

MetLife’s Secrets to Success

In this episode of Life Accelerated we speak with Bill Pappas, MetLife Executive Vice President and Head of the Global Technology and Operations organization—known as GTO.

Leveraging the Abundance of Life Insurance Data

In this conversation, with Celent Principal Analyst Keith Raymond, we dive into some of his findings from his recent reports such as The Data Tsunami, in which he explores the benefits and challenges of data transformation in the life insurance industry:

How John Hancock Incentivizes Customers to Live Longer, Healthier Lives

In this episode, we talk about ‘behavioral insurance’ within a broader discussion about John Hancock’s pioneering work in the movement to make life insurance about not the mortality of the policyholder, but about living a more vibrant and longer life.