On-Demand Webcast. Payments: The Moments of Truth That Make or Break Customer Retention

Insurers building digital engagement capabilities have much to gain: few competitors have made much progress, and even small improvements in customer satisfaction can add up to huge gains in revenue through the effects of customer loyalty on retention and cross-selling. Leading insurers have developed engagement strategies to communicate with customers through their preferred channels around Read More »

On-Demand Webcast. Digital Insurance Transformation: Mobilizing Data in a Connected World

In this one-hour recorded webcast, industry experts discuss steps toward creating a truly digital enterprise which drives more efficient, reliable processes, a more collaborative work environment, and a powerful customer experience. You will learn: Ways to mobilize data for faster service, improved coverage, and better customer service; Why data normalization must be a part of Read More »

On-Demand Webcast. Digital Transformation in Insurance: Customer Experience is Key

Changing customer expectations, digital transformation, growth needs in the face of resource scarcity, and environmental concerns are impacting every industry, including insurers. These changes accelerate the demand for new customer value and an enhanced customer experience (CX) is key to creating this value. For many insurers, CX transformation is an active investment area and a critical Read More »

Archived Webcast. Hitting the Moving Target of Insurance Customer Engagement: Future-Proofing CCM Strategy

Access this webcast on-demand to learn more about: ·      Meeting emerging digital customer expectations ·      Generating communications across multiple channels ·      Managing single interactions through diverse channels ·      Using data from multiple systems to create communications ·      Building a strategic view of all customer touch points The pace at which consumer expectations change makes customer satisfaction Read More »

Archived Webcast. Claims To Go: Mobile-First Thinking for Claims

As mobile technology continues to increase in usage and popularity among consumers, insurance executives are prioritizing mobile as an investment area. Many believe that mobile will transform the insurance industry forever, and nowhere more than in the claims function. Location sensitive devices with recording capabilities and cameras are increasingly used to handle many parts of the claims process by agents, claimants, and carriers. Insurers are looking at using mobile to Read More »

Archived Webcast. Engaging the Connected Customer: Digitizing the Insurance Customer Journey

Digital interaction is not simply a customer preference but a cultural shift in individual behavior. Today’s “connected” consumer uses digital technology as a mediator of all their activities, including their commercial activities. Getting insurance customers on board and retaining them depends on seamless processes that delight by getting the task done efficiently and completely. It Read More »

Archived Webcast: Reinventing Distribution in an Era of Digital Disruption

“Channel expansion is an important strategic focus, with 64% of insurers investing in this area.” – SMA Research, 2016 Overview Digital Transformation Innovation in Sales Distribution Customer Experience Advances in Technology and Data Rapid changes brought about by digital commerce, social media, and the connected world of the Internet of Things present significant challenges to Read More »

Archived Webcast: Customer Experience – The Next Battlefield: Turning insurance communications into customer experiences that drive revenue

The way customers interact with businesses is changing so quickly that a gap has opened between the experience consumers expect and what many, more traditional, companies can provide. Customer experience can be described as the overall way customers feel as they engage with you company and brand over time. The experience is a result of Read More »