Capgemini Launches Cloud-Based Mobile App Testing Lab for Financial Services

Based on Experitest’s SeeTestCloud platform, the mobile devices and tools package is designed to be rented on a pay-by-use basis to clients’ mobile digital DevOps teams.

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Capgemini (Paris), working with Experitest (Netanya, Israel), a provider of quality assurance tools for mobile DevOps, has announced the availability of a cloud-hosted, on demand, mobile applications testing lab for the financial services industry. The new lab, which Capgemini touts as an industry first, enables financial service providers to validate and monitor all digital mobile applications on a continuous “24/7” basis, resulting in optimized mobile application quality and estimated cost savings of up to 50 percent, Capgemini claims.

Anand Moorthy, VP, Capgemini.

Anand Moorthy, VP, Capgemini.

“Mobile applications offer flexibility and ease of use. Innovation in testing mobile applications must also provide flexibility and convenience, and this cloud-hosted mobile lab transforms how these apps can be tested,” comments Anand Moorthy, VP, Capgemini’s Financial Services. “Working with our alliance partner, Experitest, affords us the opportunity to leverage their extensive array of tools to deliver our clients a seamless development, testing, and production cycle which can transform their business.”

The lab’s mobile devices and tools package is designed to be rented on a pay-by-use basis to client mobile digital DevOps teams including quality assurance (QA), and production. Capgemini reports that clients can quickly set up a “private lab bench” that can comprise of a variety of digital devices, including all the latest smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Based on the SeeTestCloud platform by Experitest, the lab allows client teams to remotely access mobile devices from anywhere at any time. Capgemini says that the entire environment is isolated within Capgemini’s virtual private network and provides testers with high speed performance; the lab integrates seamlessly with Experitest’s end-to-end suite of tools, as well as any automation or development open source environment—enabling complete mobile application testing including functional, performance and compatibility testing, while using manual testing or test automation.

Tal Barmeir, CEO, Experitest.

Tal Barmeir, CEO, Experitest.

“The Capgemini mobile device hosted cloud dedicated for the financial services industry is a unique offering for banks, insurance companies, and other financial services enterprises,” comments Tal Barmeir, CEO, Experitest. “The core capabilities of functional and performance testing are fully integrated into the CICD flow of these organizations, creating seamless cooperation between mobile app developers, QA, and operations—making the agile release of high-quality mobile apps a reality.”

Shortened Testing Cycles, Accelerated Time-to-Market

The new lab enables CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous deployment) and allows fully automated 24/7 continuous testing, according to Capgemini. Client teams can seamlessly integrate into any continuous integration environment to directly manage their test executions and run their automated tests in parallel, the company says. A vendor statement adds that the teams can consolidate all of their test results into a centralized test analytics system and even share same devices with development teams for quicker bug resolution. The result of these advantages is shortened testing cycles and accelerated time-to-market.

Capgemini contextualizes the announcement as falling within in a series of Capgemini software-testing offerings that use Experitest SeeTest tools, since formalizing a mobile-testing solutions alliance with the company in 2015.

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