Selects Setoo as Platform for Recreation-related Weather Insurance now offers campers rainy-day protection, allowing them to cancel and be compensated for planned vacations in the event of forecasted rain.

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Setoo, a London-based startup insurance and protection-as-a-service company, has announced that, a Europe-wide campsite bookings company, selected its platform to provide a first-of-its-kind weather insurance product to its customers. Setoo’s platform enables to offer campers rainy-day protection, allowing them to cancel and be compensated for their planned vacation 72 hours in advance, in the event of forecasted rain. The coverage is currently available to European travelers booking vacations in France, Italy and Spain.

Noam Shapira, co-CEO, Setoo.

Based on readily available weather data from weather service provider Meteomatics (St. Gallen, Switzerland), Setoo’s platform issues an immediate and automatic notification of forecasted rain to relevant campers, with the option to cancel their bookings. If a customer decides not to continue with the holiday plans, compensation is automatically delivered, removing any need for a claims process and all associated hassle.

“The weather is an especially important consideration for campers, who are more exposed to the elements than other holidaymakers,” comments Jerome Mercier, CEO, “Because of this, we have been searching for a weather protection product for some years before finding exactly what we needed in Setoo’s rainy day protection. Setoo’s innovative platform will ensure we continue to create a great experience for our customers while driving additional business for”

Setoo reports that the pricing model for the rainy-day protection is based on machine learning techniques and is determined in real time. Through this process, the company calculates a specific premium per policy according to the weather characteristics for each campsite and dates. The object is to ensure that campers get the optimal price for the insurance product.

Simple Products for Personally Relevant Risks

“Campers aren’t looking for complicated, one-size-fits-all insurance products,” comments Noam Shapira, co-founder and co-CEO, Setoo. “They want simple products that protect them from risks relevant specifically to them, such as rain. I’m delighted Setoo can help meet their needs. By integrating Setoo’s rainy day protection into its online purchase journey, can expect higher conversion rates, increased revenues and happier campers.”

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