California Casualty Seeks Greater Claims Insights with Guidewire Analytics Solutions

The long-time Guidewire customer has selected Guidewire Explore  and Guidewire Predictive Analytics for Claims to gain greater business insight and drive customer engagement.

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California Casualty, a San Mateo, Calif.-based auto and home insurer serving educators, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and nurses, has selected Guidewire (Foster City, Calif.) Explore (part of the Guidewire Live Analytics platform) and Guidewire Predictive Analytics for Claims to gain greater business insight and drive customer engagement.

The long-time Guidewire systems customer selected the analytics-focused solutions to mine and analyze data to help increase and improve customer engagement and control expenses and indemnity costs, according to a vendor statement. California Casualty expects that in-depth analysis of data will uncover patterns to help identify inefficiencies in claims cycle times, which, once addressed, will ultimately improve the customer experience, Guidewire reports. The insurer will also use the Guidewire products to identify claims that can be processed and paid without human interference, with the goal of creating an expedient and trouble-free experience for customers.

California Casualty went into production with Guidewire ClaimCenter in 2008 and has used Guidewire Claim Canvas and Guidewire Compare since 2013 (Claim Canvas and Compare are also components of the Live Analytics platform). The carrier extended its Guidewire relationship with the selections of additional Core, Data, and Digital products last year.

“Our decade-long track record with Guidewire has resulted in enhanced services and greater productivity throughout our organization,” comments Jim Kauffman, SVP, Claims, California Casualty. “With the addition of Guidewire’s analytics products, we’re building on that track record while taking full advantage of available data that makes the entire claims life cycle more streamlined and informed.”

Insight, Efficiencies, and Opportunities to Engage with Customers

“Now, data collected from Guidewire InsuranceSuite can be leveraged for even more insight into our organization, driving efficiencies across the business and creating more opportunity to engage with our customers,” Kauffman adds.

Using Explore and Predictive Analytics for Claims, California Casualty will be able to do the following, by the vendor’s description:

  • Use analytics to identify opportunities for proactive outreach to customers, point out slowdowns in claims cycle, and expedite certain claims
  • Leverage insights to control expenses and indemnity costs, which in turn keep product costs low
  • Empower its claims department to access and use data, freeing IT to focus on other business-critical tasks

“California Casualty has been a true partner since 2008, and its unwavering commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction aligns with our own vision,” comments Steve Sherry, chief sales officer, Guidewire Software. “We are excited to continue working side-by-side with California Casualty to ensure its role as a vanguard in the industry.”

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