BrokerTech Ventures Expands Internationally through Israeli InsurTech Accelerator Partnership

The BTV has pledged to counsel and advise the Israeli InsurTech Accelerator, which will in turn serve as a feeder into U.S.-based BTV.

(Tel Aviv. Image credit: Gidon Pico.)

BrokerTech Ventures, the Des Moines, Iowa-based platform for broker-centric innovation, has launched its international expansion by pledging to counsel and advise the Israeli InsurTech Accelerator (Tel Aviv) operation fueled by the foundational guidance of members from the BrokerTech Ventures leadership team.

John Jackovin, Executive Director, BTV Accelerator.

BrokerTech Ventures’ focus is fostering innovation in the insurance space by providing seed and early-stage InsurTech companies support developing broker-centric solutions for the industry. Partnering with BrokerTech Ventures, the Israeli InsurTech Accelerator will serve as a feeder system into the BrokerTech Ventures US Accelerator, which just closed applications November 30, 2020.

“We believe insurance is global. This relationship is a wonderful first step in that realization. It allows us to explore how our accelerator model resonates with the insurance community outside of the United States,” comments John Jackovin, BrokerTech Ventures Accelerator Executive Director. “Additionally, we create an opportunity for our BrokerTech Ventures partners to peer into the world of InsurTech in Israel, which is a driving force for innovation.”

Dan Keough, Chairman and CEO, Holmes Murphy.

The Israeli InsurTech Accelerator is led by Kobi Bendelak, Co-Founder and CEO of InsurTech Israel, and Ortal Vadler Relationship Management Specialist. Bendelak has over 20 years of experience as an investor, mentor, and facilitator, while Vadler, with a background in connecting prospects and lenders, strategizes developing relationships with emerging startups. Teaming with Ayalon insurance company, one of the largest insurance and finance groups in Israel, and using the BrokerTech Ventures Accelerator program, InsurTech Israel hopes to maximize emerging technologies for insurance companies through tailored input centered on specific business issues.

“Through BrokerTech Ventures, we have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with Kobi and InsurTech Israel over the last several months,” comments Dan Keough, Chairman & CEO of Holmes Murphy and Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BrokerTech Ventures. “Taking steps to formalize our relationship in fueling the first broker-led insurtech accelerator in Israel is exciting for us and a statement into future international opportunities for BrokerTech Ventures.”

Kobi Bendelak, Co-Founder and CEO, InsurTech Israel.

Startup Nation

Sometimes called the “startup nation,” Israel is home to major technology companies and insurance carriers with over 6,000 active startups. InsurTech Israel describes its mission as innovating within the insurance industry, connecting global insurers to next-gen startups.

“Through InsurTech Israel, we have been on a journey to locate the most compelling insurtech solutions which are cultivated right here in our home country,” comments Bendelak. “Support for the Israeli InsurTech Accelerator includes Ayalon Insurance and recognizable names, Amazon Warehouse Services, Dell Technologies, Sapiens, Sompo Digital Lab, Deloitte and Shibolet Law Firm. InsurTech Israel assists in mentorship for the StartUpBootcamp Accelerator and Lloyds Lab in the UK, working closely with the Global Insurtech Alliance.

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