Bringing Tradition into the Present: Alberto Hidalgo Tirado, GNP

Hidalgo influences GNP’s executive leadership to embrace innovation strategies, and he consistently challenges his teams to seek alternatives to established processes and methodologies to create significant impact for the business.

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Editor’s Note: Alberto Hidalgo Tirado, Director for Innovation & Growth, GNPis one of 16 finalists for Insurance Innovation Reporter’s Four Stars Award, which recognizes outstanding insurance IT innovators across four regions of Latin America: Mexico, Central America & Caribbean, Andean, and Southern Cone.

Alberto Hidalgo bust

Alberto Hidalgo Tirado, Director for Innovation & Growth, GNP.

Alberto Hidalgo Tirado’s job is all about renewal, bringing new technology, process and business thinking to the 115-year old Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP, Mexico City). As the leader of GNP’s Innovation & Growth and CRM teams, Hidalgo Tirado is tasked with formulating the company’s digital transformation strategy and the redesign of the customer journey.

Hidalgo Tirado is recognized for his strong leadership and ability to create high impact teams. His experience has allowed him to focus on going beyond the traditional business models in Mexico, bringing to the table initiatives focusing on global trends, such as IoT, big data, advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and customer experience.

Among Hidalgo Tirado’s achievements are the following:

  • Development and implementation of cross-selling models based on analytics leading to ten-fold growth. In addition to perfecting the processes of collection and internal management, the models have improved the premium rate paid up to 7.2 percent and had a substantial impact on sales and the profitability of the business.
  • Design of an incubator to drive innovative and disruptive ideas. Some of these have been proven out through pilot programs. For example, implementation of a program to drive customer segmentation in auto insurance, has led to an improvement GNP’s net promoter score (NPS) from 56 to 81 percent, and has improved renewal rates from 75 to 88 percent. Thanks to this initiative, the company has been able to renew accounts with strategic partners and high impact clients.
  • Development of the mobile application for GNP’s Conect@Móvil auto insurance customers, implementing state-of-the-art technologies in the Mexican market. These have enabled the company to pioneer functionalities such as real-time tracking of adjusters and a red button feature to report claims and request assistance services.

Other notable initiatives include the launch of a mobile application for producers that contains all the information they require; a new strategy of risk control for heavy equipment that utilizes telematics—and which has achieved a 60 percent reduction in accidents; and new tools for commercial insurance designed to increase productivity and drive real-time management activities.

Hidalgo Tirado consistently challenges his teams to seek better alternatives to established processes and methodologies that will create significant impact for the business and simultaneously drive competitiveness and efficiency. He seeks to influence the company’s executive leadership to embrace innovation strategies that stay abreast of worldwide industry trends. And he is recognized for his ability to translate strategies into executable business plans within a comprehensive vision of transformation. With this approach, his innovation initiatives  have achieved not only the simplification of processes but also a positive impact on business ROI and customer retention.

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