Beyontec Joins Verisk Strategic Alliance

Through the Alliance, the vendor will have access to ISO’s offerings for creating products and services for Beyontec’s customers and enhancing the Beyontec Suite.

(Image source: Beyontec website.)

Beyontec, an Irving, Texas-based core system suite vendor, has become a member of Verisk’s (Jersey City, N.J.) Strategic Alliances program. By joining the program, Beyontec reports that it will be able to work with Verisk’s ISO business and to use ISO’s offerings for creating products and services for Beyontec’s customers and for enhancing the capabilities of the Beyontec Suite.

“Integrating our products and services into our customers’ preferred platforms through our alliance program is a very efficient way for customers to receive the data and analytic tools they need to appropriately identify, select, and price property/casualty insurance risk,” comments Mitchell S. Bierman, director, Verisk Strategic Alliances. “Through our vendor alliance, Beyontec can use our offerings for the benefit of its ISO-based customers. We’re happy to welcome Beyontec to the alliance, and we look forward to working with the Beyontec team.”

Through Beyontec’s membership in the Alliance, its customer will have access to information from ISO to support improved decision making in risk selection and underwriting, rating and pricing, claims mitigation and adjudication, and claims and loss analysis, according to a Beyontec statement.

“We’re pleased to be a member of Verisk Strategic Alliances,” comments Vivek Sethia, CEO, Beyontec USA. “ISO’s long history of providing loss costs and other information to the P&C industry speaks for itself. And we look forward to enhancing the value of the Beyontec Suite by incorporating the power of ISO’s offering.”

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