Betterview Partners with OneShield

Through the partnership, critical property intelligence and risk management solutions from the Betterview Platform will now be available within the user interface of the OneShield suite.

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Betterview (San Francisco), an InsurTech provider of actionable property intelligence to property/casualty insurance companies, has announced a new partnership with core system provider OneShield Software (Marlborough, Mass.).

Kim Cook, VP, Alliances, OneShield.

Under the provisions of this new partnership, critical property intelligence and risk management solutions from the Betterview Platform will now be available to insurer clients within the user interface of the OneShield suite of products, including solutions for policy, billing, and claims, according to a Betterview statement. Integrating predictive analytics, such as data provided by the 100-point Roof Spotlight Index, the new Defensible Space feature, and the Wildfire Risk Insights tool, which are part of the Betterview Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform, into OneShield’s solutions will increase insurer underwriting accuracy and improve expense ratios substantially, Betterview asserts.

Armin Monajemi, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Betterview.

“Partnering with OneShield will help underwriters access the best available property intelligence solutions in a single location,” comments Armin Monajemi, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Betterview. “Our products help underwriters make decisions quickly and confidently to predict and prevent losses. Linking these insights with OneShield’s platform will further simplify workflows and save valuable time and resources for underwriters.”

“One thing that really appealed to us about Betterview were the partnerships and integrations that are fundamental to the platform, particularly with our core system partner, OneShield,” comments Shawn Kain, SVP, CUO, Utica First, which announced its selection of Betterview earlier this year. “Instead of having to jump back and forth between different screens and applications, our underwriters can access all the relevant property data in a single location. This dramatically boosts their efficiency, allowing them to write and renew policies quickly without sacrificing quality. Betterview has become a real ‘one-stop-shop’ for our underwriters.”

Shawn Kain, Chief Underwriting Officer, Utica First.

Betterview describes its platform as leveraging a combination of aerial imagery, computer vision, and third-party data to help property/casualty insurers streamline underwriting and inspections efficiency, predict and prevent losses, and build a better customer experience. The Betterview Platform utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technology, including proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms, and a wide selection of public, private, and commercial property data to help P&C insurers get a holistic view of real property risk, the vendor says.

“Our goal at OneShield is to simplify and automate end-to-end processes for insurers,” comments Kim Cook, VP of alliances, OneShield. “Establishing a partnership with Betterview enables our customers—such as Utica First—to better identify and manage risk at every stage of the policy lifecycle boosting their operational efficiencies, saving valuable time and resources, while ultimately providing a positive experience for their customers.”

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