Betterview Partners with AI-Powered Virtual Inspection Software Plnar

Betterview users can now view insights from both companies in a single interface, granting them a holistic view of real property condition.

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Betterview (San Francisco), an InsurTech provider of actionable property intelligence to property/casualty insurers, has announced a new partnership with Plnar (Austin, Texas). Plnar’s AI-powered software automatically generates accurately measured 3D models of interior spaces in addition to automatically identifying materials and contents from smartphone photos, according to a Betterview statement. The partnership with Betterview will boost efficiency throughout the policy lifecycle, particularly during claims, the statement says.

Andy Greff, CEO, Plnar.

Plnar characterizes its solution as built in response to property/casualty insurers’ need for a way to obtain an immediate, thorough view of property interiors following a loss.

“Although our software features a lot of complex and proprietary technology, its real virtue is its simplicity,” says Andy Greff, CEO, Plnar. “If your policyholders can take a picture with their phone, they can use Plnar. This is a huge advantage for claims adjusters especially, who can get a high-quality picture of interior damage through our app before physical inspection teams are able to access the property. Plnar not only expedites the claims process, but allows policyholders to feel more involved, making the entire process more painless.”

Plnar offers accurate measurement and floor plans through its virtual inspection solution which can then be integrated with other tools such as Xactimate, CoreLogic, and Guidewire; as well as a recent integration with Hi Marley.

Holistic View of Real Property Condition

David Lyman, Co-Founder and CEO, Betterview.

As a result of the new partnership, Betterview says, its users can now view insights from both companies in a single interface, granting them a holistic view of real property condition. “Plnar is a great partner because they perfectly complement our own platform,” says David Lyman, co-founder and chief executive officer at Betterview. “Whereas Betterview gives a comprehensive view of exterior property condition and overall risk, Plnar provides a view of interior property condition. Together, the two products are a huge boost to efficiency, especially at time of claims.”

Plnar is the latest company Betterview has added to PartnerHub, a third-party property data marketplace within the Betterview Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform. Platform users can access Plnar imagery directly within the Betterview user interface, empowering them to speed claims and improve communication with their insured, the vendor says.

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