Betterview Names Neil Pearson Chief Strategy Officer

Pearson, a former senior executive at CoreLogic and Arturo, brings over 25 years of experience in InsurTech, Proptech, telecoms, geospatial and image analytics.

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Betterview (San Francisco), an InsurTech provider of actionable property intelligence to property/casualty insurers, hasannounced the hiring of Neil Pearson as the company’s chief strategy officer. Pearson brings extensive insurance and technology experience to Betterview at a time when the company is poised to enter the next phase of its evolution as a property risk intelligence platform featuring a partner ecosystem of data and service providers.

David Lyman, Co-Founder and CEO, Betterview.

Pearson has worked in product and business development roles at technology companies for over 25 years, providing software solutions for various sectors including InsurTech, Proptech, Telecoms, Geospatial, and Image Analytics. He previously served as VP of enterprise data strategy and technology innovation at CoreLogic (Irvine, Calif.), and chief strategy officer at Arturo (Chicago), roles which gave him a firsthand look at the changes currently affecting property and casualty insurance.

In his new role, Pearson will oversee strategic initiatives that align with Betterview’s medium to long-term strategy, ensuring the company meets its customers’ unique and evolving needs, while also strengthening ties with other leaders in the insurance technology and property intelligence space.

Vanguard of Progress in InsurTech

“Insurers today are responding to a number of dynamic factors, including an uptick in severe climate events, economic uncertainty, and once-in-a-generation breakthroughs in tech,” comments Pearson. “I joined Betterview because they embrace the spirit of innovation while never losing sight of the practical pain points insurers are looking to solve. They translate complex new technology into easy-to-use applications. AI-powered, imagery-based roof age is a great example of how Betterview stands out as the vanguard of progress in InsurTech.”

The decision to hire Pearson was directly motivated by this dual commitment to innovation and practical solutions, says Betterview co-founder and CEO David Lyman. “Adding Neil to the team is instrumental to our continued evolution as the leading provider of property intelligence for P&C insurers. We’re excited to see how Neil will position Betterview as the primary source of predictive, innovative solutions within insurers’ organizations.”

David Tobias, Co-founder and COO, Betterview.

Pearson’s appointment comes at a time when Betterview’s is making strides in the development of its property intelligence platform’s development of a third-party data ecosystem. Having integrated key data sources for some years, the vendor launched Partner Hub at the ITC show in Las Vegas in 2021. Betterview is renaming the ecosystem as Partner Connect. Pearson’s appointment represents, in part, a more energetic phase planned for the development of Betterview’s partner ecosystem, acknowledges David Tobias, co-founder and COO. “We’re doubling down on something we’re already doing and with somebody that we know and work with and,” Tobias comments. “He’s very well connected in the space.”

More Operating System than Data Play

Property data and analytics has been one of the most dynamic areas in InsurTech during the last decade, and Betterview can be seen as one of several important companies in the space. However, Tobias emphasizes Betterview’s distinction from other vendors in the space. “Data is a vital component but we think of ourselves as a platform and a decision engine using data to help insurers analyze and manage their property risk,” he says. “We view it as something more like an operating system than a data play.”

“We comprehensive range of useful data sources, and if we don’t have the data ourselves, we’ve designed our platform so that we can easily integrate anything—including custom data coming from our customers,” Tobias says.

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