Betterview and Nearmap Partner to Help Insurers Enhance Catastrophe Response

Through the partnership enables customers of Betterview’s recently released CAT-RS for Claims can rapidly assess which insured properties were impacted by catastrophic events.

(Image source: Nearmap.)

Betterview (San Francisco), a provider of actionable intelligence to property and casualty insurers has announced a new partnership with location intelligence and aerial imagery company, Nearmap (South Jordan, Utah). The new partnership enables customers of Betterview’s recently released CAT Response System (CAT-RS) for Claims to rapidly assess which insured properties were impacted by catastrophic events.

David Lyman, Co-Founder and CEO, Betterview.

Nearmap ImpactResponse captures high resolution imagery shortly after severe weather events, including windstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires. Combined with Betterview’s CAT-RS, this imagery helps insurers respond proactively to customers in need and speeds recovery efforts, according to a Betterview statement. Insurers also benefit from seeing what has happened to properties before first notice of loss (FNOL) or a claims adjuster can physically reach the location improving operational efficiency.

“This partnership is a great example of two companies joining forces to create a powerful solution,” comments David Lyman, co-founder and CEO, Betterview. “Our predictive analytics, computer vision tools, and claim verification workflow with an intuitive UI, paired with Nearmap’s market-leading imagery, will help insurers quickly respond to their insureds in times of crisis while simultaneously reducing claims expenses.”

Elizabeth Del Ferro, General Manager, Insurance, Nearmap.

Nearmap ImpactResponse captures details of natural disasters to provide insurers inspection-grade imagery of impacted areas. Integrating aerial imagery from Nearmap ImpactResponse into Betterview’s CAT-RS platform helps insurers quickly and accurately assess the extent of damage and decide how to allocate loss adjusters to impacted properties, the Betterview statement says.

Rapid Access to Post-Catastrophe Imagery

“Using our market-leading proprietary camera and processing technology, Nearmap ImpactResponse gives insurers rapid access to post-catastrophe imagery, allowing them to review claims and respond to customers in a fraction of the time it would take to assess damage in-person,” comments Elizabeth Del Ferro, general manager, insurance, Nearmap.

David Tobias, COO and Co-Founder, Betterview.

Betterview’s CAT-RS provides live predictions of real damage using fast computer vision processing to empower insurers to better manage resources and budgets. Betterview says its partnership with Nearmap-Betterview also reduces the possibility of fraudulent claims by revealing historical property conditions and accurate damage spotlights.

“This partnership builds on our longstanding relationship with Nearmap, empowering companies to protect their policyholders quickly and efficiently when they are most vulnerable,” comments Dave Tobias, co-founder and COO, Betterview.

Betterview Launches Catastrophe Response System

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