Betterview and EagleView Launch Strategic Property Intelligence Alliance

Advanced analytics and the largest collection of data assets aimed at supporting insurance companies in making better, more accurate decisions.

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Betterview (San Francisco), an InsurTech provider of actionable property intelligence to property/casualty insurers, has entered into a strategic alliance with EagleView Technologies (Bellevue, Wash.), a provider of aerial imagery and data analytics. EagleView’s imagery will be integrated into Betterview’s property intelligence platform to help insurers better understand a customer’s total property risk by providing broader, data-driven intelligence for both underwriters and claims professionals. Additional benefits of the alliance will include the ability for EagleView customers to gain direct access to Betterview’s property insights, scores, and data, according to a statement from Betterview.

Piers Dormeyer, CEO, EagleView Technologies.

“EagleView chose to join forces with Betterview and their cutting-edge property analytics,” comments Piers Dormeyer, CEO, EagleView. “We’re launching an alliance that leverages the expertise of both companies to scale our innovative solutions and deliver unparalleled property intelligence to our customers.”

The companies report that customers across both product platforms will benefit from the following capabilities, as described by the vendors:

Greatly Expanded Imagery Coverage: Imagery coverage now encompasses 94 percent of the US population with over 1 billion ultra-high resolution property images.

AI Detections: Access to property condition attributes, including Roof Age, from the most advanced computer vision and machine learning in the industry.

Predictive Risk Scores: From roof conditions to weather-related perils and vulnerability, insurers will get the most accurate predictors of loss—pre-filled in many states.

David Lyman, Co-Founder and CEO, Betterview.

Historical Image Library: Access to nearly 20 years of historical imagery will deliver expanded intelligence on property changes over time. A significant beneficiary will be Betterview’s new Roof Age product.

Rapid Post-CAT Event Imagery: When a storm strikes, EagleView mobilizes its fleet to capture imagery of the impacted areas, quickly producing before and after views of the event. This imagery will power Betterview’s CAT response solution, further supporting fast decisions and early assistance for homeowners.

Predictive CAT Response Capabilities: Customers will access solutions to remotely identify vulnerability, predict impact, quantify damage, and help homeowners recover faster from severe weather events.

“At Betterview we are continuously looking for ways to improve our customer’s ability to accurately assess property risk,” comments David Lyman, co-founder and CEO, Betterview. “EagleView’s extensive, 20-year library of high-quality aerial imagery paired with our AI-powered property insights greatly expand our customers’ total understanding of property risk, both pre- and post-claim.”

David Tobias, COO and Co-Founder, Betterview.

The companies characterize their combined strength as representing a major advance for insurance companies in their transition from “repair and replace” to “predict and prevent.”

“The addition of EagleView imagery is not just great for our customers in the short-term, but also will lead to long-term enhancements and benefits for our customers and the insurance market,” says Dave Tobias, COO and co-founder of Betterview. “EagleView’s ultra-high-resolution imagery allows us to continue to develop the most accurate AI models, risk scores, and overall property insights. Ultimately, we can build the most innovative tools to solve tough problems for insurance.”

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