Betterview Adds RedZone to PartnerHub

Through the new partnership, RedZone’s best-in-class expertise on wildfires will help Betterview’s clients deal with the impact of climate change on homes and businesses.

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Betterview (San Francisco), an InsurTech provider of property intelligence to property/casualty insurance companies, and RedZone (Boulder, Colo.), a provider of intelligence on wildfires and other natural disasters, have announced a new partnership and the addition of RedZone to Betterview’s PartnerHub.

David Tobias, COO and Co-Founder, Betterview.

RedZone, a provider wildfire modeling, aids clients in the protection of property and assets, enhancing customer engagement, and improving financial performance with a combination of emergency management and an enterprise-class analytical mapping platform which can be used to analyze not only wildfires, but other severe weather events, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, as well, according to a joint statement from the companies. Betterview reports that it is most looking forward to the increased accuracy RedZone’s data will bring to insurers’ ability to assess wildfire damage and damage potential, in particular.

“Climate change is beginning to affect individually and businesses globally, and it’s no secret that insurers need a better way to determine the extent of wildfire risk and vulnerability, especially in today’s uncertain disaster landscape,” comments David Tobias, COO, Betterview. “The team at RedZone has done a great job determining which areas of the country are the most susceptible to catastrophic fires. When you combine those datasets with Betterview’s building-level insights—including a recently announced Defensible Space feature—insurers are empowered to take the immediate steps necessary to predict and prevent future damage.”

Clark Woodward, founder and CEO, RedZone.

Redzone’s datasets already available to Betterview clients through PartnerHub, the joint statement says.

“Our goal as a company has always been to provide insights for insurers to better understand wildfire risk and to respond to wildfires as they happen,” comments Clark Woodward, founder and CEO, RedZone. “By partnering with Betterview, we will be combining two powerful technologies, and further achieving that goal. More people will have access to our wildfire insights, preventing more damage, and providing more peace of mind to property owners.”

PartnerHub, Betterview’s third-party data marketplace, was added to the Betterview Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform in 2021, and includes partners, such as e2value, Canopy Weather, HazardHub, and now RedZone, providing new and existing customers access to third-party property data for automating workflows and viewing detailed information about specific properties.

Armin Monajemi, Director of Dtrategic Partnerships, Betterview.

“Having worked in alliances for many years, I can say definitively that no single company can be ‘all things to all people,’ so to speak,” says Armin Monajemi, VP of Strategic Alliances, Betterview. “Our Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform, which includes the 100-point Roof Spotlight Index, is powered by proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms and a wide selection of public, private, and commercial property data, is already helping insurers to reduce losses and drive down their expenses. Adding partners like RedZone to PartnerHub and giving them the opportunity to contribute data to the Platform gives insurers a holistic view of real property risk and empowers them to take immediate, decisive action on every covered property.”

Betterview Adds Wildfire Risk Insights to Platform

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