Beecher Carlson Deploys Adsensa Policy Checking Solution

Following rapid deployment in the cloud, the solution has significantly reduced time to review quotes and binders, as well as reducing the potential for human error.

(Skyline of Atlanta, home of Beecher Carlson Insurance Services. Photo credit: Anish Patel.) 

Beecher Carlson Insurance Services (Atlanta), a large account risk management broker, has implemented Adsensa’s (Chicago) Policy Checking Solution for its property and executive liability lines, with plans to extend the solution to its casualty teams.

Sandy Carter, VP, National Property Practice, Beecher Carlson.

Sandy Carter, VP, National Property Practice, Beecher Carlson.

Beecher Carlson selected Adsensa’s solution to address the ongoing challenge of placing complex, multi-layered insurance programs that often include over one thousand pages of manuscript forms from as many as 15 to 20 different carriers, according to a vendor statement. The company sought to create an environment that provided timely, consistent, and quality policy reviews to best serve its customers. Following selection, the system was successfully up and running via the cloud in just a matter of days, according to Adsensa.

“We have certainly saved a considerable amount of time,” comments Sandy Carter, VP, National Property Practice, Beecher Carlson. “A single renewal could have 15 to 20 carriers on a placement, so having one system that captures every policy issued makes the checks go by far quicker than within a paper file process.”

Greater Accuracy and Speed

“During the marketing process we have seen time savings in reviewing quotes and binders,” Carter adds. “It is far easier to identify discrepancies in a quote or a binder by simply running it through the Adsensa system. Additionally, the potential for human error is drastically reduced; document review with the naked eye is clearly an outdated process that Adsensa’s software can achieve with far greater accuracy and speed.”

Beecher Carlson has reported enjoying the following benefits from the Adsensa Policy Checking Solution following production, according to the Adsensa statement:

  • Rapid quote-to-bind turnaround
  • Quick analysis and comparison of contracts to identify similarities and differences
  • Automated checklist of items critical to the policy-checking process
  • Easy identification of policy elements which need clarification
  • Reduced errors and omissions risk
  • Overall improved accuracy and speed
  • Increased contract certainty
  • Enhanced ability to better service customers’ insurance needs
  • Robust reporting to meet regulatory and investor scrutiny

“As a customer focused organization, Beecher Carlson realized that enhancing the speed and accuracy of its policy checking was critical and that modern technology would be key,” comments Jeffrey Heine, VP, global sales and marketing, Adsensa.  “Beecher Carlson’s challenge was similar to many in this industry: creating a process which allows for quality policy checking within a reasonable timeframe. This was just the goal we had in mind when designing our Policy Checking solutions and we are extremely pleased with the results Beecher Carlson has experienced to date.  We look forward to continuing our close work with the Beecher Carlson team as they leverage our system to gain even greater efficiencies while maintaining their high quality standards.”


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