Baron Telematics Weather Gives Insurers Preventive Tool to Reduce Claims

Even the best drivers are at greater risk under adverse conditions, but alerts delivered over preferred channels can enable policyholders to avoid hazardous weather both days and moments in advance.

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In one of the last great waves of auto insurance innovation, insurers developed micro-segmentation to better gauge the likelihood of a given class of driver getting in an accident. The next wave is likely to be preventing even the best drivers from suffering a crash. Baron’s new Telematics Weather solution is designed to do just that by alerting policyholders to risky weather-related conditions. The solution provides a range of audio or visual messages that can warn drivers of impending hazards, from days to just moments in advance.

Glen Denny, President, Enterprise Solutions, Baron.

Even the most experienced drivers are at greater risk to have an accident under adverse weather conditions. According to a Consumer Automotive report, bad weather causes more than 1.5 million vehicular accidents each year, resulting in over 800,000 injuries and 7,000 fatalities. Baron Telematics Weather is designed to reduce that risk by alerts deployed visually, audibly, or in text across any platform, e.g., in-car, or via mobile phones or custom devices. In the case of immediate hazards, drivers can receive eyes-on-the road guidance to avoid approaching hazards.

Glen Denny, Baron’s President for Enterprise Solutions tells Insurance Innovation Reporter that the greatest benefit of the new solution to drives is knowing when conditions are going to be bad 72 hours in advance. “Planning to avoid driving in bad conditions is the best outcome,” he says.“However, Baron Telematics Weather can also alert drivers to immediate situations so that they can make tactical changes to their route or their driving behavior.”

The solution is powered by what Baron calls high-resolution, patented technology. Baron Telematics Weather data can be delivered by road segment or half-mile tile. The data is updated every 60 seconds for current conditions and 72 hours in advance for the forecast conditions.

Data Delivery via API

Baron provides the Telematics Weather through its cloud data service or API. The data is formatted to be delivered in bulk—for example, to large insurance carriers—for distribution to their customers, or to individuals, directly from Baron’s API. “With privacy as a primary concern, Baron has created the data and distribution to conform to any companies’ policies,” Denny says.

Baron reports that it licenses Telematics Weather through a variety of business configurations. Clients typically acquire the license to Baron IP for deployment across their customer base. “Insurance carriers are testing the best ways to get valuable safety services into their customers hands—consumer adoption appears to be driven by privacy concerns,” Denny comments. “Embedding the safety functionality in the vehicle system may be a more successful path.”

Baron Launches Baron Weather API for Insurance

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