AWS Insurance Modernizes on TechCanary Insurance Platform

The agency chose the TechCanary platform, natively built in Salesforce, to support the company’s vision to provide highest quality of communication and services to its clients.

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Aparicio Walker & Seeling, Inc. (AWS Insurance), a Metairie, La.-based insurance agency, has implemented TechCanary’s (Milwaukie, Wisc.) Salesforce-based insurance platform, replacing what the vendor characterizes as an outdated legacy agency management system.

Michael Seeling, VP, AWS Insurance.

Because AWS Insurance’s traditional agency management system was limiting the company’s operational flexibility and capabilities, it opted to research the market for a new solution which would offer modern technology and the ability to adapt competitively to changing customer ad business partner expectations, according to a TechCanary statement. “AWS Insurance also recognized that unlike old-school agency management systems which focused on internal agency processes and accounting functions, they wanted a solution that would enable a greater level of communication with, support of, and insight into its clients,” the statement says.

AWS Insurance selected TechCanary’s insurance platform, which is natively built in Salesforce, to get the best of both worlds, according to the vendor: the industry’s top CRM system and all the agency management capabilities a modern and efficient agency would need.

“We recognized we needed something more capable than our current system,” comments Michael Seeling, VP, AWS Insurance. “We needed a modern system that could keep up with technology trends and that was really a new generation of system that combined agency and customer management. TechCanary proved to offer the best fit solution for our organization.Not only does it have a great breadth and depth of capability, but the flexibility of the platform will enable us to continue to enhance and tweak the system and our processes as our needs and our customers’ expectations change.”

Among the benefits AWS Insurance expects from its implementation of the TechCanary system are the following, as described by the vendor:

  • Reid Holzworth, CEO, TechCanary.

    Increased productivity and efficiency;

  • Flexibility to fit the system and processes to the agency’s unique needs;
  • Standardized data collection;
  • Increased reporting functionality;
  • Streamlined export and import of data;
  • Open API enabling the integration with other insurance companies and software offerings;
  • Robust CRM capabilities; and
  • All the functionality expected in a traditional agency management system.

“We welcome AWS Insurance to our rapidly growing TechCanary user community,” comments Reid Holzworth, CEO, TechCanary. “More and more agencies, brokers, and carriers are recognizing the value in making technology decisions on more than just enhancing the internal operation and automating common agency processes. Forward thinking companies like AWS Insurance realize technology needs to also enable high quality customer interactions, knowing your customers and responding accordingly—which are today’s competitive advantages.”

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