6 Insurance Innovation Imperatives, Part II: Match Innovation to Market Level

In addition to understanding the fundamentals of the business they’re in, insurers need to approach innovation with reference to three market levels that offer different opportunities and require different tactics: the present market, the target market and future market.

How Insurer Leadership Can Overcome Modernization Aversion

Senior insurance executives believe that modernizing technology will result in fiscal growth, but many are still reluctant to take the plunge. Web services and business intelligence offer an opportunity to begin the journey.

Q&A: Phoenix Companies CIO Talks Life Distribution Trends

John Presch, CIO, The Phoenix Companies, discusses the market forces and technology improvements driving increased adoption of e-app, e-signature, automated underwriting and other improvements in life insurance distribution.

When are you managing or leading? (And how to know the difference)

 “You manage things; you lead people” – Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper Imagine an 18th century English cotton mill. The roles of the workers, supervisors and the boss were clear. The owner had the vision for the business, developed strategic partnerships, hired and fired, and decided where the final product would be sold. The supervisors Read More »

Cumberland Mutual Implements iPartners BI, Warehouse Solution

Among reasons for selecting iPartners, Cumberland Mutual’s CIO Rob Musick cites the right tools and expertise, a fast implementation, and familiarity with the insurer’s CSC PT database structure.