Atidot and Sureify Partner to Unite Advanced Data and Platform Capabilities

The vendors are combining their capabilities to provide life insurers with data insights to proactively identify lapsing customers and cross- and up-sell opportunities.

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Atidot, a Tel Aviv-based provider of big data and predictive analytics tools for the life insurance industry, and Sureify, a life and annuity platform enabling digital sales, service, and engagement, have undertaken a partnership designed to enable life insurers to collect new data in order to produce actionable insights. With information that is specific and relevant to each policyholder, carriers can improve how they monitor active policies for under-insurance or lapse potential, and proactively identify opportunities for cross and up-sell purposes, a joint statement says.

Dror Katzav, CEO and Co-Founder, Atidot.

The combination Atidot’s unique advanced AI capabilities and Sureify’s Lifetime platform, provides carriers with a solution that collects and utilizes previously unnoticed or underutilized data to produce new and actionable insights, according to the vendors. Sureify’s Lifetime platform will digest most legacy data from a carrier but it also allows policyholders to share their social media accounts, geolocation, IoT data, engagement analytics. With Atidot’s data analytics tools insurance providers can combine data with actionable insights inserted into Sureify to effectively engage the customer and drive sales or leads, the vendors say.

“This partnership came about in a very organic way,” comments Dror Katzav, CEO, Atidot. “Our complementary technologies are a natural fit, and together they offer an end to end solution for life insurance providers looking to add data powered tools to their offerings, ensuring that they stand out in an increasingly competitive market.”

Dustin Yoder, CEO, Sureify.

Client-Specific Insights

The vendors say that the integration will enhance existing client-specific insights that facilitate data-driven business decisions. They add that providing carriers with tools to better identify consumer needs and improve interactions with their clients, insurers can be confident that policies remain as up-to-date and relevant to the customer as possible.

“Sureify’s Lifetime can provide both a great deal of new data but most importantly the engagement capability to go with it, and our partnership with Atidot will further enable us, and thus the life insurance carrier, to make meaningful conclusions and the subsequent action with their policyholders,” comments Dustin Yoder, CEO, Sureify.

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