Aspen US Insurance Moves GL Lines Processing to Accenture Duck Creek

The Aspen Insurance Holdings company sought a modern platform to enable quicker response to market opportunities and support expansion in specific business segments.


Aspen US Insurance, a division of Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited (Bermuda and London) has moved its general liability processing onto Accenture Duck Creek P&C insurance software to better support its commercial specialty lines of business in the U.S. market. The new policy and rating platform is helping to enable Aspen to streamline processes, develop and deliver products to market faster and better manage regulatory compliance filing and reporting, according to a vendor statement.

“To grow our market, we needed to transition to a policy system that could handle current U.S. business demand and scale with our growth,” comments John Jankowski, VP of underwriting operations and strategic systems, Aspen Insurance. “The flexible configuration capabilities of Accenture Duck Creek software will help us capitalize on new opportunities by enabling a more rapid response to market changes and customer inquiries as we continue to expand our business in specific segments across the country.”

Mike Jackowski, Global Managing Director, Accenture Duck Creek.

Mike Jackowski, Global Managing Director, Accenture Duck Creek.

Aspen adopted Accenture Duck Creek as part of an initiative to move to a modern platform that could enhance the company’s diversification capabilities and meet the complex regulatory requirements for specialty business lines in the U.S. market, according to Mike Jackowski, global managing director, Accenture Duck Creek. “Our integrated policy and rating software enables their business users to update products and review change outcomes prior to going into live production,” Jackowski comments. “With predictable results in hand, they can remain agile and productive as they continue to meet the unique needs of their brokers and customers.”



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